Ron Paul Sees Susan Rice Revelations as a Big Deal

Are revelations that Susan Rice, as President Barack Obama’s national security advisor, was unmasking names of people related to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and transition in surveilled conversations a big deal? Yes, concludes former United States House of Representatives member and presidential candidate Ron Paul.

In a new interview at Fox Business, Paul predicts that purported Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election “will go on the back burner” as focus intensifies on US surveillance of people associated with Trump. Regarding Rice, Paul says that “it sounds to me like she could be in a lot of trouble.”

Watch Paul’s complete interview here:

Paul discussed the Susan Rice revelations further in the Tuesday episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Massie is a member of the Ron Paul Institute.

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul Sees Susan Rice Revelations as a Big Deal”

  1. Remember here that nobody knew (not Rice, either) that these people were connected to Trump prior to the unmasking. Of course the analysts knew but they redacted the information. The only way she could be in any trouble is if she somehow knew (how could she have known?) and asked for this for some sort of political reason. It seems to me that, using Occam’s Razor, she found some Russians talking with Americans and felt the need to ask for the unmasking in order to better do her job of protecting Americans and our democracy. For whatever reasons the agency/analysts agreed and here we are.
    Are you suggesting she is now lying to cover up some sort of political scheme (that nobody has so far described) that will give credence to Trump’s “wiretapping BS?

    1. Susan Rice, guilty or not, is completely beside the point now. Trump has created his own image that can’t be defended by any person of decency anymore. Ron just made an unwise choice of going to bat for Trump and that had little to do with Susan Rice or any other prowar Americans.

      1. Don’t be so sure, Don. A lot of things have been moved to the back burner after what could be a Don Trump “Wag the Dog” thing. Once the perp. has been clearly determined you can expect a few of these loose ends to show back up IMO.

  2. Way to go Ron! Your comments of two days ago that are really just a defense of Trump, have now been turned around to make you look stupid.

    You and your trained puppy Daniel, say far too much that shouldn’t be said until your priorities on domestic politics are taken out of the equation.

    There’s no harm in being a libertarian but it can’t be connected to one of the major parties, as you are. It will always get you in trouble with a credibility issue. Being a libertarian can’t do any harm. Or any good for that matter. Being antiwar as a strict priority is what you really want!

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