Rep. Thomas Massie & Ron Paul on US Bombing Syria – National Security or Aggression?

President Trump sent 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria yesterday in retaliation for what he claimed was a chemical attack on citizens by President Assad. He sought no Congressional authorization and presented no evidence to either Congress or the American people to justify his actions. What happens next, as Trump opens wider the US military involvement in the Middle East. US Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) joins today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report in studio to discuss:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Rep. Thomas Massie & Ron Paul on US Bombing Syria – National Security or Aggression?”

  1. Trump didn’t consult congress, blah, blah, blah. You’re all off-topic boys. The real issue is the question of Assad being guilty of doing it or not.

    This would be encouraging if there was a quorum of Americans who listen to it and actually accept it.

    They could have accepted the truth that Obama and Putin actually did succeed with having Assad get rid of his chem/bio weapons, but maybe that would have been asking for too much from any American.

    I mean really? Balack Obama?

  2. actually, the non-involvement of congress is grounds for impeachment. That’s the first part of the paragraph for that reason alone. A Republican dominated senate might block it. Maybe. It’s also done on the anniversary of American involvement in WW One. Symbolism does have a part in all the government actions, and whoever manipulates the symbols the most effectively generally wins. It’s sad, tragic and frightening how much of our shared histories have been made even worse.

    History is the warped and distorted reporting of delusions of ‘truth’.
    And then the belligerent parties use those prior delusions to start new fights.

    1. Democrats won’t impeach him. They want war too. The one thing both parties agree on is perpetual war.

      Look how popular Trump is now among all the NeverTrumpers of both parties. He’s the toast of the Washington swamp.

      1. All correct except for your continuing illusions on Trump meaning anything he said during the campaign.

        Hasn’t it become clear enough now that Trump will not resist any moves to war on Syria. And then on to Iran and he hasn’t even bluffed on that one.

        As we all know now, Justin Raimondo was wrong on everything to do with Trump. No matter how many tens of thousands of words he wrote trying to convince his audience otherwise.

        1. Raimondo was right. Raimondo is always right, on foreign policy anyway.

          The Trump movement made significant inroads into the conservative base. It made them antiwar.

          Arguments got out that conservatives aren’t supposed to hear.

          I’m not sure you’d take the time for me to explain how significant hearing “Invade the world; Invite the World” is.

          The Neocon strategy has been to bomb foreign Muslims, invite them into the US after having been made angry, and then stoke Americans to hate Muslims, justifying perpetual war.

          We’re told we have to get revenge on these evil Muslims by blowing them up. Conservatives are whipped into a murderous frenzy, and they vote for war. That’s how it works. We’re told we have to bomb them until they become American, that most of them want to be free if only we’d bomb them long enough (killing those in power who resist freedom).

          By linking immigration to the war, conservatives realise the warring itself is the problem.

          You have other facets also. The “spend money here rather than overseas” is also powerful. Conservatives get how money has been wasted, how most any other use would have been better.

          In the past conservatives were told we’re superior to the rest of humanity, how we must wield the power of the empire to spread American ways, how capitalism and democracy are these superior things we must force upon the world so as to enlighten it. Mormons even believe America has a divine duty to bomb the world into enlightenment. It’s seemingly part of their religion, which is why they liked Cruz so much.

          You seem to readily hate American whites except for Jews. Well, I’m explaining some of the American groups which you can enjoy hating even more :)

          Raimondo has succeeded in a culture war victory against these people you hate so bitterly.

  3. Hi, following the Constitution on foreign policy is most certainly not “ideological”.

    It’s just the law.

    The Constitution though appears “ideological”, bc what we follow domestically today is so radically different from the powers it lays out. So, when people hear the arguments regarding domestic policy, they assume one is an ideological nut.

    Regardless, we absolutely need it to be Congress who clearly declares war.

  4. Excellent discussion…it seems like the lesson learned in 2013 was…attack before there is any time to actually investigate..and these gentlemen are correct…the lack of evidence and motive are obvious…but now, since the attack, the deconfliction hotline between US and Russian military operations in Syria has been terminated, which makes the possibility of a serious faux pas very real. In addition at minute 11:00 for 15 seconds…Congressman Massie seems to infer that we have a military draft in the US…am I missing something or did I miss something?

  5. Take it to the streets. You likely don’t have time to do anything else if you want to stop this coming war in Syria.

    With the Russians involved, it could be the most important thing Americans ever do.

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