Antiwar Protest Now in Front of White House

Protesting war in front of the White House with the D.C. @ladiesofliberty. Join us if you’re nearby! #NoWarWithSyria

The Ladies of Liberty Alliance was created in 2009, “to educate and empower female leaders within the liberty movement”. This US-based group seeks to train women to effectively promote the ideals of liberty.’s executive director Angela Keaton was a founding member and former chair of the board.

17 thoughts on “Antiwar Protest Now in Front of White House”

  1. How many of the people marched in front of the White House when Obama was president?

    1. The Tea Party did it regularly. Not protesting war, but protesting health care.

      1. No, how many of these people protested bombing Libya? How many demanded that we get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan?

        1. Oh, I know. They protested Obama for being perceived as Muslim and Foreign Born and for not being a drunkard who they could “have a beer with him” and for Health Care, voting rights and such. They just didn’t protest the war. On the other hand the anti-war Left did. And in the streets of Colorado Springs and Denver. Also without embroiling the White House with every detail, protested some of the money motivated reasons for the wars. Like the fossil fuels lobby having the deeply felt notion that they own every molecule of carbon in the world. It gets messy when you bring in details. But it does force people to think,, in a society where critical analysis is only offered as an elective class in High School and in some schools it’s not even offered.

      1. and those affiliated with it have opposed every US military intervention since the site was founded during the Clinton administration.

  2. 50 million USD wasted, less than 50% of the missiles reached target. Militarily this was a failed mission. But Donald Trump’s Buddies made a lot of money. They only make money if they use (launch) the missiles. Each missile launched is almost $500,000 profit for Ratheon. Good Job Donald. You make your billionaire buddies great and rich again. No war, no profit. America wake-up

  3. maybe we should build a wall, around the White House. If everyone brought one brick how long would it take?

    1. Nixon had buses parked all around the perimeter, for quite a while. This is just a whimsical thought, why not have a small cadre of capable drivers “steal” about a hundred (or whatever the perimeter is)DC buses, park them all around bumper to bumper, shift the gears into reverse and break off the the shift handles? Or better yet get a bunch of cop vans. Hey, as many government vehicles as could be positioned before the cops catch on and start guarding their stash? Put a bag of epsom salts in each vehicle and light it up with a highway flare…
      Re route the DC sewers to flood the White House and lawn…

  4. They’re protesting drones?
    Judging by the looks and the size of that crowd, it appears that arming all American 6 year olds with M16’s would be more productive.

    Sorry America, but you’re not capable of stopping yourselves. Some outside force is going to have to inflict some serious hurt on your politicians and your country’s plans for the ME.
    And we all know what happens next!

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