Stephen Cohen on Today’s Tillerson-Putin Meeting

Tucker Carlson interviews Professor Stephen Cohen about the heating up of US-Russian relations and today’s meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

8 thoughts on “Stephen Cohen on Today’s Tillerson-Putin Meeting”

  1. Cohen is right on again of course but alas, the ignorant pr-ck Tucker Carlson has to take it to the left/right issue of domestic politics again.

    Which defuses the message and keeps the American people from grasping the truth and doing something worthwhile about it.

    It’s going to take a lot more than that to reverse the hate propaganda that’s been manufactured on Putin and Assad.

    1. C’mon Don, Carlson is one of the good ones (or as close as we can come these days)…
      I hear you but I think Cohen’s message was pretty clear. Which should make you and me happy.
      So true – the hate is pervasive, you might hear it on the TV (The View?) in the background while in the bathroom! Putin and Russia, Trump and Putin. Putin is evil. Putin is Hitler. Sound bites.
      You take them to work or to school or whatever in your subconscious. Then when you hear “Putin” you (wishing to appear smart) declare that Russia and Putin are evil.
      So they gotcha! And you don’t even recognize that you’re quoting Joy Behar who’s a complete moron. She lives in Disneyland.

      1. First of all OGS, they aren’t ‘gotcha’ ing me because I’m Canadian and immune to US propaganda. Not saying that we all are of course. Cohen is great!

        If you hear me then I don’t get the point of your message? Carlson and Fox aren’t going to be able to stay away from the domestic politics and so support of Trump isn’t going to go away.

        There’s no opposition to the left’s hawkish stance, not from Trump who is totally incapable of even thinking of it and not by the Republican party. Fox will never go there and accept that so it’s all too little too late.

        I guess I should be optimistic and see some hope in Carlson, but I have to reamain realisitic. I don’t see any breakthrough coming because of domestic politics playing too much of a role.

    2. I agree that something needs to be done to stop the war machine that functions primarily in the U.S. But what exactly could the American people do about it, even if they were informed? To wit: In the late 1960’s and early ’70’s, hundreds of thousands of Americans demonstrated against the Viet Nam war. Yet even that magnitude of opposition had very little effect. It still took some five to seven years for Nixon to end that war. And that was THEN, when the U.S. still had a relatively free media, and the New World Order and Military Industrial Complex were far less entrenched than they became after 9/11 and advent of the neocons. What I am asking is, what really can be done, pragmatically speaking, to stop this nightmare of U.S. aggression? Idealism means nothing. We need results, a plan to neutralize the ultimate cause, which may lie in Israel, which may be the Rothschilds, which could be the globalist elite in Europe and US, or the weapons manufacturers, or such a broad coalition of the above it is beyond stopping.

      1. Well, we don’t throw our hands up and walk away from the cause. My country, Canada, is as guilty at least because it’s not our war and our patriotism at stake but we would still offer up a plurality if the question of supporting the next US war was asked of us.

        I don’t agree with a parallel being drawn between the Vietnam war and this next one because the Vietnam was stopped while it was in progress and had been for years.

        Trump is so egregiously bad that he may be responsible for causing a change in your country. He has promoted an antiwar cause and it’s all been lies. Lies to be elected and total ignorance of the fact that he would never be following through because of the impossibilities. That could anger those who supported him to the point of it yielding positive results.

        It’s hard to determine just how many Americans are waking up to the truth but I greatly fear that partisan domestic politics is the most dangerous factor.

        Even Raimondo still doesn’t have the sense to steer away from that and it’s so destructive of our cause. I would suggest that would be where the most emphasis should be placed on convincing and changing the American people.

    3. Unfortunately, Carlson (and Fox) is one of the only MSM sources that will air someone like Cohen (a sane person) these days. My wife heard an interview today of Raimondo on NPR, which absolutely astounded us both! But that is rare. Usually they reserve their platform for McCain, Graham and similar grotesque neocons.

      1. Raimondo is back but the political divide in the US is still going to control the narrative.

  2. Tulsi Gabbard did the same as Cohen by showing no fear. If Ron Paul could do the same, the warmakers would have a building threat to start worrying about.

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