Ron Paul Asks: Does Anybody Know What Our Russia Policy Is?

After steadily-increasing tension under the Obama Administration, candidate Trump wondered why it was a bad thing to get along with Russia. Hillary Clinton promised more of the confrontational Obama approach. More conflict. The people chose Trump. What happened? President Trump has thus far brought us closer to war with Russia than at any time since the height of the Cold War. Does Trump have a Russia policy and if so what is it? We discuss in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Ron Paul Asks: Does Anybody Know What Our Russia Policy Is?”

  1. Yeah Ron, it’s pretty simple if you’re not afraid to say it. The US policy toward Russia is cutting out Russia from having any influence or power in the ME.

    The US needs and wants complete control of that oil rich region of the world for the future as long as oil is vital to all nations’ econmies.

    So when you and Daniel start pushing the right narrative there will at least be a possiblity that the American people will start to receve the honest facts.

    But it’s going to take a lot of courage Ron. For now just do as much as staying on the lie about Assad being responsible for the gassing. That’s the most effective thing to do for now.

    1. What makes it worst is that we are not just fighting against Trump, but the entire narrative set out by the media and the entire political establishment. If you even questioned the anti Russian narrative you are tarred as a “Putain” apologist.

  2. Ask yourself, “Well, what could be the worst or stupidest policy we could have regarding Russia?” That would be our policy.

    1. That won’t do Bill. If you reject the obvious truth then you need to come up with something different. It’s just too easy for Americans to shrug their shoulders and walk away. That’s what Ron Paul does but his excuse is he would be tarred and feathered if he spoke the direct truth. Assuming that he understands it, and there really hasn’t been any indication that he does so far.

      Unless some libertarian can say otherwise?

  3. The main message I get from Raimondo’s piece is that Justin is telling us that he has no confidence in Trump’s ability to separate the truth from the propaganda lies. The rest, mainly about Trump’s army of fools, is just window dressing.

    Goof for Justin though for starting to talk about the obvious on Obama and how he put the brakes on war with Syria and Iran, for a while at least.

    1. “Trump is a self-made business man”

      No, Trump is a lifelong welfare queen whose businesses crashed any time they weren’t propped up with government subsidies and political favors, and sometimes even when they were.

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