Ron Paul on Tillerson Threatening Iran: ‘The Great Destabilizer’?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson yesterday accused Iran of sending troops to fight in Syria and of destabilizing the region. He did not mention that Iranian troops were invited into the country while US troops are in Syria illegally. Tillerson condemned Iran as a leading human rights abuser while praising Saudi Arabia — the kings of head-chopping — as a great US ally. The Secretary of State vowed that the US would solve the Iran problem once and for all instead of leaving it to the next US Administration. Is Trump gunning for yet another major war in the Middle East? Will US allies follow Washington in new sanctions on Iran even as Trump has reluctantly admitted that Iran is living up to its end of the nuclear deal? This and more in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

18 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Tillerson Threatening Iran: ‘The Great Destabilizer’?”

  1. Thank you,Ron Paul.You make so much sense in this confusing, inflammatory political world. Yes, there are Christian churches in Iran and in Syria, the countries the US wants to destabilize and destroy. But Christianity is even illegal in the country the US embraces, Saudi…..Ordinary Americans are usually rather un-informed about the world outside the US and this “little detail” they won´t hear about from the government or the MSM, but if they knew……..

  2. America calling Iran “the great destabilizer” is the pot calling the kettle black!!! Extending back to the early 1950s, when the CIA’s “Operation Ajax” destabilized the Iranian government in response for it protecting it’s oil resources from theft by what is now BP (British Petroleum), the American government has been the world’s biggest destabilizer… not only in the Middle East, but literally everywhere.

    Trump’s 180° turn from his non-intervention foreign policy campaign rhetoric proves he is in the war mongering neocons’ bag and it matters not whether because of force or of choice. Therein lies the difference between Trump and Ron Paul – integrity.

    I’ve noticed RP’s predicted course of what it will take to reverse our nation’s decline includes a total collapse of the system. It’s too broke to fix and therefore collapse is inevitable. While I completely agree with his prediction, such total collapse will certainly include a horrible civil war. That is the price we, the people will pay for decades of apathy, laziness, and gleeful stupidity. We failed to pay an ounce for prevention so now we can pay a pound for the cure.

    I fear for my children’s future.

    1. There is another option I heard Dr. Paul speak about at the Mises Institute’s conference held recently in Paul’s hometown – secession.

      Just the threat or possibility of it should/could change the activity of the Federal government. I think some states seceeding from the union might actually end up saving the “country” if you get what I mean.

      1. That is a subject near and dear to my heart. Back in the 90s, I headed up a national movement called the 10th Amendment State Sovereignty Resolution / Act. The resolution put the Feds on notice that they were in default of their contract (the Constitution)… similar to notifying your landlord of a lease default. The Act would make it a state law that all federal tax payments would have to be paid into a state escrow fund (similar to paying your rent into an escrow when your landlord is in default of your lease). Unless the Feds began to comply with the Constitution, the money would not be released.

        We got the Resolution passed in 26 states but run out of money before we could get the Act passed.

        Succession would have been the likely outcome of that effort, unless the Feds complied with the states’ demands. Either way, the People would have won.

      2. It would be the civil war all over again, but it would “Go Nuclear”… Better a tax boycott…. It would be nasty, but better than the war I believe succession would (again) bring… Also, many people in the 60s stopped paying taxes with no spilled blood..

    2. Well put VerDan.. Trump has BETRAYED those of us who supported him and believer what he told us that he intended to accomplish… It sure makes us feel niave and stupid… But decieve me once, shame on him. There will be no decieve me twice with me… Can HE reagin my approval…?? Sure he can, if he does what he told us he would do.. Can he regain my trust…??? Not so much….!!!

  3. Does the United States of America have even one real friend left in the world? Oh, yes it does! The State that calls itself “Israel” which is uniformly hated even more than everyone hates the U.S.A. Nice going assholes. The United States was the most admired country until recently. Was that admiration based on lies?

    1. What we are doing in the name of “protecting our national security” is actually reducing the “security” of our nation. Same old same old. Law of Opposite Effects.

      If the goal of the central planners is A, we can be sure that B (its opposite) will be the result. History proves this and I could cite dozens of examples of government initiatives that support this theory.

      1. I’m a believer that many who try to resist government expansion only help to aid in its expansion. :)

        So, we’re just as ignorant and depraved as our government masters.

        There are a very few who actually want to help, are capable and sane. But they rarely get into power.

  4. In a straight up evaluation of resources, without a moral judgment on any one government, Iran is roughly twice the size of Afghanistan by land mass, 636,313 square miles and

    251,773 square miles respectively. Iraq 169,235 square miles. Iran has more than both combined. Then there’s the population density and that’s way too much for the pure knuckle heads to process.

    And the U.S. has about 4 times as much as all combined.
    It took the English invaders from 1610 to the present to NOT completely subdue the peoples in what is now the U.S. even with the massive die-off by European introduced diseases a century before the Conquista Inglesa started.

    Granted that it wasn’t due to battlefield tactics. All the king’s horses and all the kings men and all that. Iraq has been declared “stabilized” at least ten times in the past 14 years. Afghanistan has been “stabilized” for about the same time.

    How’s that working out? The British spent more than a century trying to conquer them. Back when they were The Superpower. A hundred years here, a hundred years there, pretty soon you’re talking about some real time. That was the same joke refurbished, started out about money. A million here, a million there…

    For the Religious Wrong, there’s something they’ve been saying for a long time about the Caliphate and Jihadi that doesn’t make any real sense. That the Muslim armies were mistreating Christian (and Jewish, but the biggest anti-Muslim crowd don’t give three spits about Jews either) pilgrims and maintainers of the shrines in and around Jerusalem, and Damascus, and Corinth, yadda yadda. The English/slash/Norman king Richard Couer de Leon had Eastern Orthodox and Jewish religious groups slaughtered right along with Muslims in Akkra and was, according to his own chronicles, and was reported to have tried the same tactics in Jerusalem. A tangled mess indeed. But the very presence of these Christian and Jewish groups sort of puts a different light on what is reported and what might not have actually happened. Like the Jihad killing up all the Christians and Jews for a century before Richard came, after being kidnapped by fellow Crusaders, left, got kidnapped again by “Fellow Christians” and maybe at the behest of his brother John.

    Islam has the same convoluted back-and-forth declarations that one sect is blasphemous etcetera as the Jewish and Christian declarations of the same religious crime. It’s really useless to use God as an excuse for every stupid action of the warrior predatory priesthoods. But they do it anyway.

    And anybody who wants to play the Sha’aria card ought to read the Old Testament, just for a sobering comparison. Solomon, when he offered to kill a Jewish baby to settle a dispute, the mother of the child Did Not Question The Notion That He Would Do So. And that’s one of the most benign actions in the whole narrative.

    Remember at the start how I mentioned “without moral comparison”?
    Well, that’s why. The current world war is not born of the crusades or jihad.

    It just grew up in that hideous history.

    1. Heck, we ARE the terrorists to many people. If you are minding your own business, maybe walking the kids home from school, in some Mideast city and a Hellfire missile blows your head off and kills your child, who are the survivors going to blame? Who “terrorized” and victimized their formerly alive family members?

      Is this going to be the response or reaction:

      “Oh, it was an accident? Collateral damage? Okay, that’s fine. Please keep doing what you are doing.”

      1. We might see less blowback if we didn’t invite the people here after freedomising their societies. At least then they couldn’t get to us to retaliate.

        “Conventional wisdom” is just propaganda with big money behind it.

        In the past conventional wisdom might be what sprang up from common people, but today it’s whatever the crafters of public opinion declare.

  5. Gotta love this talk about Iran being a MAJOR sponsor of terrorism… And just WHAT did Iran do to deserve this SLUR… ???? They gave Hesbolah weapons when no one else would to fight the Israeli OCCUPATION of S. Lebanon, and now Hesbolah and the Russians are killing off ISIS, the Saudi Backed head choppers in Syria, Iraq and Yemen…

    Remember the ceasefire that Kerry and Labrov brokered…. that collapsed when the U.S. Bombed the Syrian Base (Supposedly by accident which allowed beseiged ISIS fightets to escape….. which collspsed the ceasefire??

    I believe the Pentagon has gone way rogue and he’s ceased to follow orders from the President in that violation… And now in this N.Korea “Sail away”

    1. The news cycle has rolled 3 weeks. That means anybody manipulating the amount of time Most Americans generally speaking pay attention to a single action…. is going to boil up something by next weekend.

      We can always expect accidents or deliberate tragedies, we have a period where they mourn and then we have to be ready for the next emergency. After a while you come to expect it, like Pavlov’s dogs. Huxley put it in long details in “Brave New World–Revisited” two years before I was born. But Pavlovian Conditioning is one of the most important tools in a despot’s drawer. It’s at the root of military and paramilitary training, even groups like Boy Scouts. Or sports, condition the fanatic followers, get them to pay for the privilege of getting non-stop commercials, cheer for this team, army, beer, brand of potato chips…and hate this other team, army, beer, brand of snacks. Notice in the middle of the list is a Drug of Choice, in BNW it was “soma”. kind of “Oh, I don’t like beer so much but a little meth or crack or whatever, as long as somebody is making a profit off it. And even if the advertisers/recruiters/emotional engineers whatever never sold a crumb of those products to put your conscious into a deep sleepy dream and keep it there. Long enough for you to buy their other products like wars musicians and political doctrines.

      In this case, the Brand X is Iran and TeamUSA is the promoted sponsored product. If it’s coveted and reasonably priced it’s being advertised.

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