Arming The Kurds: A Dangerous Idea, Says Ron Paul

The Turks are not at all happy about President Trump’s plan to provide heavy weapons to the Kurds fighting as US proxies against ISIS in Syria. The Turks bombed some 20 Kurdish fighters in Syria just weeks ago but with US advanced weapons in Kurdish hands, future such missions may be risky. Would the Kurds use American weapons to attack the Turks? And why does President Trump believe that digging up President Obama’s already-failed strategy for eastern Syria will work this time? We take a look in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Arming The Kurds: A Dangerous Idea, Says Ron Paul”

  1. have to disagree with Dr. Paul on this one…. not only is Turkey an authoritarian state guilty of the Armenian Genocide….but there shouldn’t even be a nation of Turkey, or if there is one, not the militarily powerful one who gained that power for one reason and one reason only.. the southern flank of Russia keeping them from expanding to a warm water port. As the scripture says, there is nothing new under the sun. Now the wiley Turk knows how to play this geopolitical game like a master. One day Erdogan is threatening Europe with a Muslim bloodbath or advocating Muslim’s invade Jerusalem or threatening no access to Incirlik or moving blood and treasure FOR ISIS, the next day he is hobnobbing with the NATO elites and planning his visit to meet Trump in DC. NO it is time once and for all to dissociate the west from Turkey and let their evil empire dissolve. Arming the Kurds, our allies and apologists for the Christian Genocide in 1915 is EXACTLY the way to promulgate this much overdue and necessary change.

  2. I tend to disagree with Dr. Paul since the Kurds are the only US allies in the region as proven in Iraq since early 1990s, and now in Syria as they demonstrate constantly to be the best fighters against the ISI and other terrorist groups armed and supplied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Turkey acting as global terror quartermaster providing easy transport and logistics.
    Arming the Kurds is the only correct part of America’s wrongheaded policy in Syria. Moreover, the Kurds could act as an insurance to defend Syria against Turkey’s ambitious plans to capture parts of northern Syrian territories. I truly believe; USA should have a long-term plan to arms the Kurds and support their goal to establish a new Syrian federation system under which all ethnic and religious groups could live in peace and harmony.

  3. The Kurds are a good exception-God bless them-You are wrong on this one- The Turks love ISIS and are evil. If we don’t support the Kurds, they will be annihilated.

  4. The Kurds have been beating ISIS with light weapons (But sustaining many unnecessary casualties) but for the fight for Raqqa they will need better stuff

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