Video: Julian Assange Speaks After Sweden Halts Rape Investigation

Sweden’s top prosecutor said today that she has “discontinued” an investigation into allegations that Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, raped a woman in Stockholm in 2010, and withdrawn an international warrant for his arrest.

2 thoughts on “Video: Julian Assange Speaks After Sweden Halts Rape Investigation”

  1. Cool. So now the British aren’t compelled to do the dirty work of the Imperial Gestapo. Sessions opposes International Warrants because so very many of his comrades and himself would be holed up in an embassy somewhere to avoid a Nuremburg War Crimes style trial, with the condition that the Hague Convention prohibits the Death Penalty. I mean, how would he and his associates manage the ripoff of all the world’s resources from behind bars.?

  2. so he’s been kept in a virtual prison for 5yrs and now they just drop charges ? can HE now press charges against them ??

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