8 thoughts on “Antiwar.com’s Angela Keaton on the Release of Chelsea Manning”

  1. Miss you Angela. When your done saving the world again stop by and say hey.

    I don’t have any money but I know some of you f**kers do so cough it up so I can have my friend back. For now my belligerent brand of neediness is all I can give to this site I love, sooo… …Pa-rumpa-bum-bum!

    1. OK, Comrade. Don’t have the money right this second, but I expect to have it when I get paid on the 31st, so I’ll use PayPal’s Pay After Delivery feature to donate $10.00 for you right now.

      1. OK now I feel kinda bad. Your almost as poor as I am Borg! You’re making me look bad. Thanks though.

        Now I gotta toss my couch cushions. I hope y’all take pennies and food stamps, I ain’t got no credit cards.

        1. No problem, Comrade. I have recently received an increase in my pay, I just need to catch up. The only way I am poorer than you, is that my healthcare is not taken care of, and I have several health issues. My cash flow honestly isn’t too bad now, just, like I said, I need to catch up a little.

  2. I always placed AK in high regard, until that night several years ago when she and Knapp, who at the time was an open & admitted Zionists, attacked Cibel Edmonds in real time, double teaming her, accusing her of “being less than literate” and demeaning her and her astounding revelations which had resulted in an virtually unprecedented congressional gag order on her.

    Cibel Edmonds is a truth crusader and an antiwar treasure… Sorry Angela, You have lost my trust: Therefor your appeals for contrabutions diminish my antiwar.com largess, rather than rallying me to donate.

    I truly wish the situation was otherwise

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