Matching Funds Are Here: Let’s Do It!

Dear Friends of,

A group of our generous friends have gotten together and raised $30,000 in matching funds to support’s Spring fundraising drive – but there’s a catch.

We have to match that amount in individual donations, or else – no dice.

It’s time to put an end to this fundraiser: we have better things to do. The sheer amount of news is, frankly, overwhelming – and can barely deal with it and simultaneously do the hard work of raising money. We need to get on with our real job – which is giving you the best coverage of international affairs available online.

We aren’t in with the big foundations, or the whims of eccentric billionaires: we depend you, our readers, for the funding we need to continue. At a time when war clouds are darkening every horizon, from Korea’s demilitarized zone to the eastern frontiers of the NATO alliance, is needed now more than ever. But we can’t do our job – preventing the next war – without your financial help.

Your tax-deductible donation today has double the impact, thanks to the contributions of our matching funds donors. So seize this moment before it passes, and make your donation today.