Ron Paul Interviews Edward Snowden: Security… or Surveillance?

What does former NSA analyst turned whistleblower Edward Snowden have to tell us about liberty? About trading a little freedom for government promises of security? Does he feel that his historic release of government documents showing how the NSA spies on all of us, constantly, without a warrant, has had a positive effect on freedom? Tune in to this very special episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, where we speak to Snowden on these and so many more issues:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

19 thoughts on “Ron Paul Interviews Edward Snowden: Security… or Surveillance?”

  1. Derp the racist old neoconfederate talks with his fellow islamophobic goober fanboy. You goobers don’t seem to grasp its the for profit corporations that track you and steal and sell all your online activity.

    1. Big business and big government are both a threat.

      It’s very strange how Bernie supporters believe centralised government will protect them simply if it lacks a profit motive. Obama just bought an $8 million house. There’s money to be made in government too :)

      Socialist states have rich oligarchies just like the US has. You do not appear to have an answer.

      And I can give you my answer: subsidiarity. Small Is Beautiful.

      1. Big business and big government are one and the same. They are just different faces of the same entity: the national security/surveillance/military/police state.

        War – perpetual war – is essential to the existence of this entity. War … it is used to justify everything else, right?

        In a time of warfare, we must all be prepared to sacrifice any and all of our constitutional liberties in the name of national security. An FBI agent told me that in 2002. That absolutely sent me reeling.

        1. That’s quite a story. I think the agent is correct.

          I wouldn’t say war is the only factor though. James Burnham wrote about “the managerial elite”.

          And though the more racial right has picked up on Burnham today, his ideas had influenced many, including Orwell. Burnham was significant in his time.

          It’s always made sense to me to oppose that bigness.

        2. Just to follow up quickly, in Orwell’s 1984, perpetual war was used. 3 societies, 2 of the 3 always at war with the 3rd, alliances ever shifting.

          Recently the evil Erik Erikson wrote how secession might be in order in the US. In his essay, he acknowledges how war tends to unite people. Erikson seemed to believe the US divides could be healed through external war, though his essay was on secession.

          I actually didn’t read his essay, because I strongly dislike Erikson. I skimmed it.

      2. Lol. How dare the black guy have money! Take a seat with your Last Place aversion.

        1. The black guy? Last Place aversion?

          I don’t think you understand at all what I just wrote.

          I generally support a larger middle class. I consider myself a distributist.

          It’s the socialists who want everyone equally enslaved.

          The disagreement between you and I is I don’t want slavery. You do.

        2. Btw, I’m no libertarian, but libertarians are very pro-worker in a number of areas.

          For example, they’re against the Federal Reserve banking system. And they’re against these wasteful wars.

          So, you shouldn’t hate Ron Paul so. He’s certainly more pro-black than Obama. Obama got paid though, $8m house.

          If you want to be angry at someone, focus anger on the super wealthy who make money in part via government legislation designed to help the rich, some of which Ron Paul opposes.

          The rich want you angry at white people. The real divide in America is between those at the top and everyone else. Ron Paul is largely in the latter category with his views.

    2. ignorant. Companies don’t arrest people and steal from them, goverment agents do.

      1. Ignorant. Monopolies do. Cartels do. They get the government to do it for them.

        1. “They get the government to do it for them.” Exactly. Thank you for confirming my assertion. Authoritarianism is the problem, not the solution.

      2. lol companies don’t steal. Wow look at this water boy for the plutocracy ^

        1. ” Wow look at this water boy for the plutocracy ^”

          Government serves the interests of the rich. And not just all the rich, but specifically that subset of the rich who have not earned their wealth, but plundered it. Government is not, has never been, and never can be, the servant of the poor.

      3. Yes you are ignorant. You should know how for profit private companies can exploit your info so that you don’t get that job, you don’t get that car loan, you don’t get that mortgage. You neoconfederates love your shiny right wing deflection while you life turns to shit. But heck, as long as the black folk don’t get what you think is yours, right ? /s

  2. small government = more respect for people.

    Not necessarily

    When God created man with certain inalienable rights
    Man receives his rights from God
    Government cannot take that away no matter its size

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