Ron Paul on Trump’s Super Fake Syria News: More US Attacks Expected

Last night the White House released a shock statement that the Syrian government was about to use chemical weapons “again” on its citizens and that the United States would launch a massive response. At the time, the AP reported that neither the State Department nor the Pentagon or intelligence agencies seemed to know anything about it. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley warned that any attack on citizens of Syria would be automatically blamed on Assad (as well as Russia and Iran). It seems Trump is ready for a massive attack on the Syrian government — coincidentally just a day after a major piece by Seymour Hersh showed that the US intelligence community knew that the April “chemical attack” was no such thing but that Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles anyway. Trump constantly accuses CNN of purveying “fake news,” but he has shown himself to also be a master at fake news. Something they have in common. More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Trump’s Super Fake Syria News: More US Attacks Expected”

  1. Wow . . . some choice Americans had in this last election! And they call this the “land of the free”? if you believe that one you are an unmitigated MORON! Make America Great Again? Just how does lying one into wars repeatedly make a nation great?

  2. God forbid, if pushed over the cliff by Israelis & Saudis to escalate the Syria war, then we should anticipated a very bloody humiliating outcome since Iran, which has been on the receiving end of 8 years of war with our proxy Saddam Hussein, including massive chemical weapons attacks killing and wounding tens of thousands, disgusting humiliation and abuse, illegal sanctions, 38 years of economic wars and demonization, and while legitimately supporting the UN recognized Syrian regime to fight ISIS and other terror groups it has been planning methodically for the dooms-day conflict to be initiated by USA and its proxies. Therefore, a nasty surprise awaits Trump and Saudi/Israeli Crime Inc., which could be many folds greater than anything we experienced. Bullying Iran or Russia is a suicidal act and could end America’s west-Asia presence forever.

  3. Statesmen such as Ron Paul give me hope in America. I am glad I skipped voting in the last election since Hillary Clinton as a corrupt politician, a self serving ruthless liar and a crook should be in federal prison along with crooked husband. The same is true about Donald Trump a gambling casino tycoon resembling a thick illiterate vulgar mafia thugs void of any morality or character, and both are unqualified to run an honest hotdog stand since they both never worked for a living let alone leading a nation of 320 million.
    Alas, that’s a clear sign of decay and degradation of real American values. We no longer respect truth-tellers, we don’t vote for honest people, but for the glitzy, vulgar characters with 0.2 IQ counts speaking in soundbites. Also, we no longer have great causes to fight for, but wars of aggression against weak countries to enrich the MIC and the crooks of Wall-street. The biggest tragedy of all must be the silent majority of descent Americans who take on the chin without uttering a word of objection to this miserable condition and the collapse of our republic as it’s taken over by Neocons, Israeli agents, Wall street thieves and their minions.

  4. The first two chemical attacks in Syria were false flags prepared from CIA. It seems that Washington is preparing another one for another criminal and terrorist attack in Syria. The FALS FLAG DEPARTMENT OF UNITED STATES is doing his job

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