Ron Paul Says War Drums Beating: North Korea Tops the List

Last weekend’s UN Security Council Resolution imposing sanctions on North Korea for testing missiles opens the door to a US pre-emptive strike on the country. Russia and China foolishly went along with the US and voted for more sanctions thinking that it would open the door to diplomacy. It won’t. That’s the last thing Washington’s warhawks want and Russia and China should have learned as much from their complicity in Libya’s destruction with their vote in favor of UNSC 1973 in 2011. War coming? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

14 thoughts on “Ron Paul Says War Drums Beating: North Korea Tops the List”

  1. “Empireship” (qua Ron Paul) is just a geo-specific refinement of the word “monopoly.” Which is the sine qua non of any empire.

      1. Good one! Unlike perhaps other readers, I did not need the referential parens. Always nice to encounter a fellow Highlander nerd.

        BTW: Clancy Brown, the actor, is a scion of a notoriously liberal Democrat Ohio political dynasty. That said, he played his Highlander role masterfully over-the-top.

  2. “Just War Theory,” 2017: It’s just another war. No big deal. Keep shopping.

    1. We just have to trust in “our” government. It knows best and would explain, but events are top secret. All of the experts and beautiful people agree that the warring is just and legal; no need for us to think on it ourselves.

      1. I nearly hurled all over my car’s interior this evening as I listened to Hannity and his guests nearly orgasm over scenarios of the mega-death that would result from the US nuking the Norks.

        I haven’t heard thoughts like that expressed since I was a kid in the 50s-early-60s fantasizing over the US nuking the Russkies after they nuked us.

  3. The door to diplomacy has always been open. Apparently Russia and China still refuse to understand or accept the Satanic, insatiable evil that is the U.S. “government”.

    1. The US gov is prob no more evil than are most human institutions.

      Man is Fallen :)

      We just appear more evil, because we’re more powerful. Many in the world wish they could wield the same evil power. When the US has fallen, another will do evil in our stead.

      1. “The US gov is prob no more evil than are most human institutions.”

        Well of course it’s more evil. What other “human institutions” do you know of that are willing to risk TEOTWAWKI in order to forcibly impose their Satanic, messianic, Zio-communist “New World Order” on the whole planet?

        “Man is Fallen :)”

        Man is “fallen”, yes, but that doesn’t mean that “evil” doesn’t fall along a spectrum like everything else in the universe; it does.

        “We just appear more evil, because we’re more powerful.”

        Nonsense; “we” sought and continue to seek exceptional power in order to rule the world; whereas other powerful countries such as Russia and China are arming themselves in response to what the U.S. is doing.

        If you can’t see (or claim to not see) any qualitative difference between the foreign policy of the U.S. vs that of Russia and China, I suppose this discussion is pointless.

        “Many in the world wish they could wield the same evil power. When the US has fallen, another will do evil in our stead.

        LOL! That’s just an absurd bare assertion. By logical extension of that “moral reasoning” I have the “right” to kill everyone around me and steal everything they have, before they do it to me, no?

        1. Machiavelli taught how freedom is most likely to result from a balance of power. If man is fallen, then balancing power prevents any one evil from abusing its power overmuch. A multipolar world could help balance power.

          China’s in a border dispute with India currently. Both are in the nuclear club. The US dominates the world to such a degree that others aren’t hardly given the chance to fight. As the US declines, we’ll see China and others in more conflicts, hopefully not actual wars. China wants the beneficial trade arrangement to continue as long as possible, so it doesn’t wish to bother the US. Later, China might challenge the US or otherwise exert its power. India also wishes to maintain the current trade arrangement. The US is willing to trade at a loss to the US at present. That’s partly how the current world order is maintained: bribes via trade deals.

          You have to realise, after WWII, the US economy was the last standing. We totally dominated the world afterwards, directed how it would be rebuilt, who would get to do what. People wonder why Europe is so left-wing: Partly because the US directed it to be so. The only powers fully outside of the current global order are the pariah states.

          This post-WWII power balance is changing, however.

          Before the US empire, we had the British empire. The US empire today doesn’t seem more evil. Weapons are just growing in power.

          Athens was a democracy. It was aggressive in its time. There are plenty of examples. Man is the same as then; we just have more destructive weapons today. It’s very much in China’s culture to desire rule under a single empire, so China could certainly become as the US is today. Or, it could take a different path.

          The US is vain, delusional, apathetic: All signs of a great power that has spoiled as a result of its security and prosperity. Falling powers are dangerous.

          In the future, we’ll have biotech to fear. Weapons will continue to grow more deadly.

          1. Empires are inherently evil. And that’s why they eventually fall; i.e., evil carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

            In the case of the exceptionally evil U.S. empire, its political puppet rulers and their masters behind the scenes are apparently what the Bible would describe as “demon-possessed”. Such demonic creatures have a habit of destroying themselves and everything around them.

            For example, the corrupt U.S. government, which presides over a corrupt American society, is having trouble procuring cost effective weapons to beat the world into submission. This happens for the same reason that the average American citizen is having trouble finding cost effective health care or education.

            Russian society is having a spiritual/moral revival while America rejects Christianity, and the results are now manifesting; e.g., average life-expectancy in Russia is increasing while in the U.S. it is in decline.

          2. Our secularism is partly to blame, yes. And I generally agree with you on empires. I’d rather a state that sought to preserve itself, learned to appreciate what it had and to build constructively.

            Partly the cause of America’s overspending is due to the lack of a threat. That’s a core issue that you might not have heard.

            Solzhenitsyn in his Harvard Address said: “Even biology tells us that a high degree of habitual well-being is not
            advantageous to a living organism. Today, well-being in the life of
            Western society has begun to take off its pernicious mask.”

            Part of the issue is this: In every society an elite rules. (I’m not suggesting a unified elite has total power.) In a society like Russia’s which is under threat, that elite is driven to care more for society and for its people. In a society like the US, our elite are scheming to mould the world, though they neglect political science and are impious (undeserving of the power they wield, lacking both ability and virtue). Plus they’re vain.

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