Ron Paul on Trump’s UN Speech: A Neocon Dream?

President Trump’s speech yesterday at the United Nations got rave reviews from neocons like John Bolton and Elliot Abrams. The US president threatened North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Yemen, and Iran. At the same time he claimed that the US is the one country to lead by example rather than by violating the sovereignty of others. Are the neocons on a roll as they push for more war? Have they “won” Trump?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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    1. “He was already theirs.”

      Indeed. But, to be fair to Ron Paul, he never supported Trump and he sternly warned people of Trump’s fascist tendencies.

      1. >300 million people and the two “best” candidates to lead them were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The Democrats could have put anyone else against Trump, and that person would have won, but they managed to pick the one person people disliked to such an extreme that Trump became president.

        Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe Donald Trump is as bad as our “leaders” (I’m a Swede, this country is done) and I definitely think he is better than Hillary and Obama (hard not to be, you know?), but it is pretty sad that those were the candidates.

        As for “fascism”…repeating something stupid over and over doesn’t make it true. There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect ones country. If you don’t, you might end up like Sweden, and you will lose your country!

        1. My father’s father was born in Sweden, and my surname (“Stroberg”) is, as I understand it, not all that uncommon there, so greetings!

          I really don’t know whether Donald Trump is “better” than Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, neither one of them were acceptable, by any means, and both promised to be dangerous, in both some similar ways and some different ways.

          I don’t know exactly what you are referring to by “losing your country.” If you mean the refugee crisis, don’t blame your politicians, blame America’s politicians, for bombing the living daylights out of the Middle East. Immigration is not the problem, war is. In my opinion, my country is already lost, in the sense that we have lost most of whatever remaining freedoms we had before 9/11/2001.

          By calling Trump “fascist”, I was not referring to his position on immigration, although I strongly disagree with it. I was referring to his attempts to eliminate what was left of our Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure here in America, as well as his efforts to enrich big corporations and military contractors with taxpayer money. Also, although a non-fascist country can be militaristic, militarism tends to go along with fascism, and Trump is apparently at least as militaristic as Hillary would have been.

          1. Tjenare! And it’s a little uncommon, but at least a few hundred with that surname.

            What is going on here is not a refugee crisis, that is just a pure lie. Between 2-5% of the people that come to Europe claiming to be refugees are actually refugees, according to the UN etc. The US has a part, absolutely, but it’s not Syrians that are coming here (even though many claim to be, to easier get access to our welfare). But what is going on in (western) Europe is really bad, and based on Europe’s history, the rest of the world should be concerned. The immigration that is going on here is a HUGE problem.

            I realize that people listening to mainstream media don’t get the full story, especially the Swedish media (if you thought MSNBC were left-wing, you would be amazed how much worse it could get). I am not just talking numbers (Sweden’s immigration per capita is absurd), but mainly what kind of “people” we are letting in, and what they are doing in our country. It’s nothing like a few criminal Mexicans hiding amongst several million hard working ones, it’s more like 2-3 beneficial individuals hiding amongst >100 thousand entering our country every year for 10 years straight (and 50k before that). Sweden is, as always, the worst, and we’re letting in people without checking who they are, and it’s almost impossible to kick them out (regardless of what they do) once they are in. Once they get a citizenship, even if they lied/bribed/threatened someone to get it, or went to fight for IS, it can not be recalled. I could bombard you with stats, but I doubt you’re interested. However, keep an eye on what will happen in Sweden and Western Europe in the next 10 years, because the proverbial sh*t will hit the fan. The current genocide will either turn into civil war, or mass-exodus (white flight is starting to go from local to national here).

            “Also, although a non-fascist country can be militaristic, militarism tends to go along with fascism, and Trump is apparently at least as militaristic as Hillary would have been.”

            I don’t really agree with that, from what I’ve seen. Trump hasn’t really done anything yet, so it’s too early to say. Obama (and Hillary) dropped around 70 bombs every single day during his rule and attacked 7 different countries in 6 years etc. Writing stupid sh*t on Twitter and saying things that Bush Junior would be embarrassed to say is far different from murdering hundreds (thousands?) of people with drones and bombing every country they could find on the map. Hillary is evil (Wikileaks ftw) while Trump is…well, I am not sure what he is yet, but he’s different from Hillary at least, and that was enough to get him elected. And based on how Trump has been trying to bring costs down, I don’t really get your point about military contractors. However, Hillary is 100% bought by corporations (once again, yay Wikileaks), and let’s be honest…every single president for at least the last 30 years has been, Trump just happens to have the media against him in a way that we haven’t seen before (even Junior wasn’t this hated by the cultural marxists).

          2. I haven’t seen a mainstream media news broadcast in years, even Fox News, and certainly not MSNBC or CNN. They may be “biased” against Trump, but, I really wouldn’t know, as I do not watch them.

            Trump may have saved a few pennies here and there in the military budget, but his requests for funding have gone through the roof, resulting in a military budget far larger than the last one left by Obama. And it’s not just the military. Virtually every part of the federal government budget has increased dramatically, with total expenditures now near or in excess of $4 Trillion/year.

            Trump is only different from Hillary in style. He is no different in substance. While he had somewhat less belligerent rhetoric than her while campaigning, his actual behavior would appear to be at least as hawkish as hers would have been. As I stated, neither of them were acceptable by any means. Both droning and bombing rates have increased dramatically over Obama’s, and are now at the highest rate ever.

            While Trump does not have “Cultural Marxist” rhetoric, his economic policies would appear to be a combination of socialism and fascism (as have those of all Presidents in my lifetime). His one bright spot is that he has cut back on a few regulations, but that is really the only good thing I can say about his policies. 97% of his actions have decreased liberty and peace.

            I don’t personally know what you guys are experiencing there in Sweden regarding immigration, but I do support open borders here in the US, as I believe in liberty and the free market. I do not personally own every piece of land here in the US, and believe that it would be immoral for me to legally restrict other Americans’ choices as to who to associate with. If someone wished to house or employ an immigrant, that is their choice. I believe there are already too many laws restricting what people can do with their choices and property, and believe we should be moving away from that coercive system.

            Your written English is quite good. I always admired the way people in countries where English is not the primary language worked so hard to learn it. I have at least entertained the idea of learning Swedish, so that I can write my actual Swedish cousins in their own language. We Americans are wimps when it comes to learning foreign languages, though, for the most part, expecting the rest of the world to bow to our convenience.

          3. I am a liberal in many ways, but since liberalism both in Sweden and the US has been hijacked by the social liberals, I tend to avoid that word. Like I usually say: that “social”-part is as negative for liberalism as it is for nationalism.

            As for open borders, you don’t want that. I get it, sure, it sounds good in theory. I reality, it would end your country. If you had open borders to Canada (like we have to Norway, Denmark and Finland) that would of course by no problem what so ever. If you had open borders in general, you would have the same problems that we have. Some cultures are just simply worse than others, and are not compatible. China, Japan, South Korea…yeah, no problem. Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq…just no, no way in…oh yeah, those are the countries Sweden mainly accept “people” from. Things are really bad here, and they are getting worse by the day. Even if we don’t include Swedish media (which nobody should), the media outlets in Western Europe is just pure communist essentially. When Trump talk about CNN being fake news, I strongly agree with him, but CNN would be right wing extremists by Swedish standards (I am not joking or exaggerating). I work with extremely well-educated people from all over the world and it usually takes them a few years to understand just how fk’ed this country is, and noone has been able to understand why yet (including me, I am baffled at how pathetic my country”men” are). Anyhow, just keep an eye on what will happen here and I am pretty sure you’ll change your mind about the open border policy.

            Why not come visit Sweden, while it still exists? There are certain places you shouldn’t visit unfortunately (Malmö being the worst). You won’t need to learn Swedish to get by here as all Swedes speak English and “the others” speak neither English nor Swedish, but you want to avoid them anyhow. It is a rather difficult language to master, as it’s old and we have “many” exceptions to every rule, but if you learn to read Swedish…you kind of get Danish and Norwegian (Bokmål at least…they have two official Norwegian languages if you didn’t know that) for free! But as our collective populations are fewer than the inhabitants of the third largest Chinese city, I’d go with Chinese instead, assuming you speak Spanish (or Mexican…it’s not really Spanish tbh) of course.

          4. All the problems related to immigration here in this country are caused by the welfare state burden, and would not even be an issue if it weren’t for the existence of the welfare state. That is why I seek to abolish the welfare state, for everyone, not just immigrants. I have heard that Sweden has an extensive welfare state apparatus, and believe that may be where your problem is coming from, and not immigration per se.

            I see any attempt by the government to define what is a “proper” culture, language, or religion as being totalitarian in nature. I favor a totally free market society where people interact voluntarily, without government interference as long as their actions are peaceful and non-aggressive. I am originally from California, and have lived in neighborhoods with large numbers of immigrants from all over the world, and never really had a problem with them. Again, I have never lived in Sweden so have no personal experience with what you are going through.

            I learned Spanish in High School, and German in college, but retain little of what I learned as I have never used them. Swedish can’t be that bad, as the English language probably has just as many broken rules as Swedish, and somehow I was able to learn those. I wished to learn Swedish because I am in contact with a swede named Bertil Stroberg (I don’t remember which town he lived in). He may very well be a relative of mine, although we are not sure. Some members of his family came to America about the time my grandfather and his family came here, so it is at least possible we are related. I would love to visit Sweden someday, but have neither the time nor the money to do so right now. I may never get the chance, though, as our government has made our economy a basket case, and I am just waiting for the final collapse.

            I wish you well. I am sorry that, apparently, your government is just as tyrannical as mine. But I might suggest that, instead of supporting right-wing politicians who scapegoat immigrants, you support someone who will reduce the burden of government on your countrymen, so that social cooperation becomes the norm, rather than social conflict.

          5. Sweden has the most extreme welfare system in the world these days. ALL our resources are going to the MENA-ites invading our country, and our elderly, young, sick etc are being sacrificed. And I know it sounds like I am exaggerating for people from other countries, but if anything…I am actually holding back to avoid sounding too extreme. The situation here is so absurd that…well, a couple of recent examples:

            Örebro kommun – IS terrorist returning from Syria are given apartments, jobs and psychiatric aid (because they might be traumatized after what they’ve been through)

            Nacka kommun – spend 14 million SEK (like 1.4 million US$) getting 3 apartments for a man, his three wives and 16 children

            But sure, they are coming here to get access to our welfare system, so if we didn’t have that, the locust would go elsewhere. However, the welfare system worked great here when we had a homogenous population. Sweden used to be one of the best countries to live in, it was safe and financially doing well.

            What kind of immigrants did you live next to? In Sweden, the people that say things like that tend to live next to a third generation Polish person, or a Japanese doctor etc. The ones that live next to 200 muslims from Somalia has never, nor will they ever, say that. The US doesn’t have the kind of mass-immigration that we do, of the worst people our species have to offer. Your immigrants tend to come to work (although there are a few exceptions of course, but here they exceptions are the ones that want to work/can work). Sweden is letting in people that can’t read, and we’re the country on the planet with the least amount of “easy” jobs. Not a great equation.

            Your economy is looking quite strong at the moment actually, based on what I’ve seen, so I am willing to bet that Sweden will collapse long before the US does. Not a fun competition, but there it is, heh. And considering how few Ströbergs there are in Sweden, I’d say the chance of you being related is quite big.

            We don’t have right-wing politicians in Sweden. The one party we have that wants to bring the immigration in check are of course being called “right-wing”, but in the US they would be left (they are mostly socialists tbh).

            Like I said, I am a libertarian in many ways, but social cooperation will only work if the people feel like they belong together. Mass-immigration of the worst people on the planet completely destroys that. Currently Sweden (together with Denmark) has the highest tax rate on the planet, just as we’ve had for the last 30 years, but these days we’re getting nothing back, because the immigrants cost so much. Actually, the worst traitor in the history on mankind (Fredrik Reinfeldt) even said that we wouldn’t be able to afford anything else in the future…and he was one of the main architects behind this genocide. Either way, with a homogenous population, your approach would work, but it won’t work if the people are too different from eachother. Unfortunately, the West (even Finland really) has made choices that can only lead to bad things, including social unrest/conflict. I see really bad things coming in the near future, and since Sweden is the most extreme, I feel like a canary going into a mine, so keep an eye on us.

          6. The use of the word people in parentheses makes me think you’re dismissing them as sub-human which would be a horrible mistake.Or deliberate evil and hubris. Many of Donald’s Disciples are self-proclaimed Aryans. Bunch of troublemakers, really, and the only success they have in life is getting paid to tear down the rest of humanity. It has some really ugly history mostly in the last 150 years.

          7. I assume you meant quotation marks, but as it depends on ones definition of the word, I did not make a clear statement, but rather left the question open. I personally would argue that although genetic similarity would be sufficient to be part of the species, more qualities are needed to be regarded as people.

            Then you make some broad statements that I guess are purely based on your prejudice, so I don’t really feel a need to comment much on that. There are many groups with really ugly histories, including religious people (christians for example) and different types of socialists (including communists and national socialists). But I hope we both can agree that almost all progress made by our species in the last thousand years has come from whites, even though we most likely have very different views on why that is (I assume you “blame whitey”, where as I look at lack of extreme totalitarian ideologies and relatively high average IQ).

          8. No, I blame totalitarianism and the stupidity of the leaders and the followers. And if you want to take the credit for all progress, you should show proof that you contributed in some way. Otherwise you’d be hogging all praise for somebody else’s achievement. And it wouldn’t matter who or which genomes. The “dark race” of India and Persia hosted whichever math genius invented decimal notation 0-9 while the two ‘civilizations’ in Europe used letters of their alphabets to count. It’s the equivalent of counting on your fingers and toes.
            And the invention of algebra was either Arabic or Persian in origin. And that curious timeline of a thousand years holds the 500 years
            when using the decimal notation and algebra could get you the death penalty if you were lucky and torture beforehand if you weren’t as lucky. Galileo and Copernicus were allowed out of Purgatory in 1966. about 5 centuries after being sentenced for using algebra which hinges on the Decimal Notation and is necessary for accurate maps of just about anything. It’s not like every white person is a genius nor every darker person either. The Arabian and Persian cultures didn’t have people drawn and quartered for using effective mathematics. So, gee, which culture did that? The main reason for singling out the White Supremacists is they are the sponsors of Trump and minions. And they make all kinds of trouble.

          9. I clearly stated (pre-censor) that whites have been responsible for all progress for the last thousand years, and your “defense” is that Persians (and a handful of Arabs, if that) prior to that contributed a little? Really? Seriously? You don’t think it would be a good idea, if you wanted to prove me wrong, to try to find something from these last one thousand years instead of trying to indirectly agreeing with me?

            And considering how arabs treat people TODAY, I don’t think you want to switch to a discussion about the three vile semitic cults (everything you brought up about how whites treated smart people was due to christianity). But to make it very clear: I detest religion and religious people. They are ALL horrible (both the totalitarian ideologies and their followers).

            So the people behind Trump are all White Supremacists(tm)? The tens of millions of people that gave money to Trump (because unlike Hillary Clinton, he wasn’t completely bought by big business/lawyers/lobbyists) are essentially nazis? Gee, I can’t image why you’re having problems in the US, when either half the country are nazis, or social liberal cucks that put on black masks and attack the police on the streets. Good luck with that binary nation of yours!

  1. Trump, a man void of firmly rooted principles and philosophy, is subject to the direction of the current wind. When the political pre-election wind blew in the direction of non-interventionism, he was quick to embrace it… riding it to electoral victory. Now in office, he is subjected to neocon wind which predictably has swept him up. Without firm principles and philosophies firmly rooted in peace, prosperity and respect toward other nations’ sovereignty, Trump is just more of the same that has destabilized the world under the propaganda of American Exceptionalism.

    Trump’s supporters shouldn’t be surprised by his flip-flops… he demonstrated such countless times over the years leading up to his election. Trump is a politician and by contrast, Ron Paul’s uncompromising voting record defines him as a Statesman.

  2. There was an AP headline that (in Response to Kim calling Trump a dotard) ‘what is a dotard anyway’ and that ‘millions’ were scrambling for their dictionaries. They would do better with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. OK they probably wouldn’t understand that one either. There used to be pre- DeVos fully funded Public Education in America and a lot of people treated it as voluntary instead of necessary. Certain political ‘leaders’ took advantage of that The results are tragic and getting worse by the minute.

    If the once lauded Kings of American Journalism didn’t know enough of the language, how do the peasants fare? At my most optimistic I get it wrong consistently. Forecasting I mean. Now it’s being toned down to nightmare status. Something about eating roaches and rats. And if you stitch together a bunch of those windshield shades, you know the ones? Super insulated. You could build a tipi or imnipi that would be at least impervious enough to gamma rays to survive a couple of years.

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