Ron Paul on Trump vs The NFL – The Right To Protest

Do NFL players have the “right” to protest against the national anthem on the playing field? Should Trump’s demand that anyone who does not stand should be fired? What about the owners? And what about the millions the Defense Department sent the NFL to militarize the sporting events? Our take in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Trump vs The NFL – The Right To Protest”

  1. They are paid entertainers. When they come on the field, I pay them to play, I don’t pay them to protest, pray, support the military, etc. Wanna do any of those things? Do it on YOUR time.

    1. We the peasants pay for the “support the military bit” Without any prior consent nor any consideration of whether we even watch the games. Most of the troll reaction in favor of Trump has been blatantly racist. Really one sided. and that sob-story about it being disrespect for vets or military is assuming that we all agreed to be ‘honored’ by a flag ceremony at just any and every public or private event and without knowing anybody’s story other than mine, I do know they never asked MY permission to use MY former military service or titles.

  2. Blind nationalism is not patriotism. In fact, it is most often counter to patriotism. It is what brought Hitler, Pol Pot, and a host of other murderous authoritarians into power. I will admit my own discomfort when the national anthem is played. While I do stand, my hand is not over my heart nor do I chant the anthem because I believe our government is a rogue oligarchy committing crimes abroad as well as at home… in our name. I stand only because there is no opportunity at such an event to explain, and therefore benefit from, the reason for not standing.

    “My country, right or wrong” is unpatriotic as it is everyone’s responsibility to try to maintain the Republic Mr. Franklin warned us about losing.

  3. I see it as a Gladiator Rebellion, like Spartacus. It’s a great honor. More so when you realize that the only contemporary history of Spartacus was written by the Romans who killed him.

    1. Obviously. These uneducated, pampered, millionaire, entertainers should break their shackles and tear down the tyranical NFL that enslaves them. Then they will be free to become bouncers at some drinking hole. Little sarcasm there if you missed it.

      1. Yes, I know, you’re feeling powerless because the NFL gladiators don’t bow down to your Old World Order, don’t acknowledge your Aryan so called birthright to rule over all the dark people… whatever. It’s not even about people refusing to obey Trump… it’s because they defy the Great and powerless YOU. You feel emasculated because your chosen symbols, your idols, your Cult Leader aren’t God or for that matter gods. The ones who are over reacting are the extremists who demand that everybody stop defying your Royal Majesty, or be punished. You won’t punish anybody. Too bad about your envy and other symptoms of being a self-made victim. Your comrades have threatened to kill American people in America for not complying with your ridiculous president and his even more ridiculous followers.

        Chant your Anthem and Pledge and make silly hand gestures in unison, that’s Pavlovian Conditioning aka Brainwashing in progress. And you force your own children to do it in schools, Scouts, at ball games, parades which glorify killing other children in other lands.. What a wonderful parent you must be! And all to train your kids to become babykillers in their own turn. The Next Wave of StormTroopers, how glorious is that? Make your kids understand they are Nothing without conformity to a gang of cowards. The Gang is to be their life and if your kids defy you, will you threaten or even harm them? A lot of the Trumpista Trailer Trash beat their kids for any excuse they can find, so, tell us, are you going to beat up kids if they don’t worship your flag? The cops already do. The conquering Army already do. And the inevitable bottom line is you’ll plead that you were “following orders”. Self-made slaves.

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