Ron Paul on the Kurdish Independence Vote – Progress or Danger?

The US was strongly opposed to Monday’s independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, as were the countries in the region. The US wanted to manage the Kurds’ relationship with Baghdad, but it did not work out the way Washington’s planners hoped. How did we get to the point? To a large degree due to the US invasion of Iraq. Will the vote result in smaller government and more freedom for Kurds in the region? Or will it mean war? And what about oil flow? More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Kurdish Independence Vote – Progress or Danger?”

  1. I wrote a thesis in 1982 on the use of tribal soldiers during unconventional warfare. Had the generals read my thesis they would not have been surprised by ISIS, etc. A copy is at West Point, so this is not secret. When you arm tribes, there are only three outcomes: the tribe is wiped out, they become assimilated, or they create an independence movement. Even the Roman Empire saw these results. What is happening with the Kurds we saw happen in Vietnam with the FULRO movement of militarized tribes. Our amateur generals are about to start an even bigger conflagration in the Middle East than we have now.

    1. I would read your thesis. Is it available? In your opinion what should US policy toward Kurds be? There are 30 million or so, roughly the population of Texas.

      1. If I had copies left I would send to you. However, it is available at Amazon, “Tribal Soldiers of Vietnam.” You can call my cell for any questions 703-626-1318. TE Lawrence drew his own map to partition, which included a homeland for the Kurds. I believe the best for all sides is a semi-autonomous “country.” It could be run like Berlin (where I went to college) with the Four Powers. Kurds are in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey and treated differently with different rights and citizenship. The four powers would have veto rights over what the Kurds want, with the leadership rotating as with Berlin. Obviously, no state would give up their rights to oil, etc., in “Kurdistan” so sharing as with Alaska residents could be suggested. I speak Arabic and lived in Israel. I am running for Congress as third party, but when I threw this out I was trolled and attacked. What I notice now is that, after the Iraqi Kurdish vote, Assad reached out to his Kurdish population.

        1. “Obviously, no state would give up their rights to oil, etc.”

          States have no rights of any kind. People have rights. States are just criminal gangs in the business of suppressing those rights.

  2. I agree with RP. Humanity would be better off in MANY more smaller autonomous self-sufficient groups. The US ocean sized bureaucracy is too easy to hide corruption in. I can’t imagine how that could come about however.

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