Trump Says ‘No’ To Catalan Independence

The Catalan push for independence from Spain appears to be part of a larger European – and possibly worldwide – movement away from larger, more distant governance and toward more local control. Elsewhere in Europe, the old order is slowly breaking down. New parties find success in German elections, Hungary continues to defy Brussels on immigration, talk of secession on all levels increases. Will the referendum in Catalonia take place as scheduled, or will the central government successfully crack down? Will a crack-down eliminate the growing demand for independence? What’s the US position? More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Trump Says ‘No’ To Catalan Independence”

    1. I’d take that bet. They don’t have oil (key component for US interest) and Spain is in Nato (despite the rhetoric, Trump does realize that Nato is important for the US).

  1. What? No sanctions against the tyrannical Spanish government? Maybe some cruise missiles?

    1. Franco did it in Guernica with a little help from Mussolini and the supposedly non-existent Luftwaffe pilots “volunteering” their services. Meanwhile the Flying Tigers who were a supposedly mercenary air force and later (re)joined the USAF were doing the same chore for Chiang against the “vichy-like” government of Pu Yi and the Japanese… and occasionally against Chiang’s sometimes ally Mao. And were paid in “humanitarian” aid money from Washing Tundy See.

      Meanwhile the people of China were in the midst of a worldwide famine aka Great Depression or as modern Capitalist leaders call it “Market Adjustment”. The long and short of which was a whole lot of people getting separated from their own bodies with a shitload of airborne explosive devices. Pablo Picasso made a real purty picture of what that looked like.

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