Congress Passes ‘Harshest’ Sanctions On North Korea… And The People Suffer

On Tuesday, all but two Members of the US House voted in favor of the “harshest” sanctions on North Korea yet. As we know from past practice with sanctions – in Iraq and elsewhere – they never achieve their goals, but they do punish civilians and turn them against the US. This time is no different. Will the Senate take up the bill and move us closer to a war that will kill millions? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “Congress Passes ‘Harshest’ Sanctions On North Korea… And The People Suffer”

  1. Yeah. But they outnumber Iraq AND Afghanistan populations combined. AND the Beast is going to (or says so) Take On Iran At The Same Time. At the start of winter. While and at the same time, yet simultaneously in a redundant sort of way, Africa/Syria/Russia/Iraq/Afghanistan/Philippines and for a grand finale China and then self-immolation at home(land). My nephew Nathan the Sergeant probably won’t speak to me about it. Guess he figures (rightly) that I’ll urge him to mutiny.

    I got onto my first FBI watch list in 1977 on January 6th because we had a lady and her rug rats over on Christmas Eve. People from that radical hotbed The United Methodist Church brought them around because we had (have) the reputation for hospitality. Put another couple of potatoes in the pan. She was ‘going to meet her husband’ which was true and her friends who picked her up were From The Symbionese Liberation army and her husband was incarcerated at La Tuna minimum custody Federal Prison. Until about midnight of Christmas morning. I could handle that. No big deal. What bothered me much bigly is because The FBI Took 12 Days to get as far along the trail as we were parked. In 1977 you could get on an airliner without putting up any identification. You could be anywhere on the globe in a couple of days. I was already skeptical about ‘our’ yankee gubmint but that really sealed the deal. My 70 year old grandma and my 4 year old sister got their names on the list. If we hadn’t flipped our car on I-10 a few days earlier on our way to Ft Worth we might not have ever met the FBI. Oh, and this seals the deal even more, they’re part of Homeland Security umbrella organizations. Now at least. I don’t know if I should be amused or outraged. By this time (God I feel old) those young men would probably be upper tier bureaucrats. Or working directly for the Military. A ‘lateral promotion’. Maybe they’re considering mutiny.

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