Statement on Setback for HCR 81 To Stop US Support of Saudi War on Yemen

“We are deeply disappointed that House leadership has again prevented a debate and vote on ending U.S. participation in the famine-inducing Saudi-led war in Yemen. We remind the House leadership that under the War Powers Resolution of 1973, “‘introduction of United States Armed Forces’ includes the assignment of member of such armed forces to command, coordinate, participate in the movement of, or accompany the regular or irregular military forces of any foreign country or government when such military forces are engaged…” U.S. refueling of Saudi-UAE planes bombing Houthi targets in Yemen meets that definition.

We thank Reps. Ro Khanna, Thomas Massie, Mark Pocan, Walter Jones, and the other co-sponsors for their leadership in diligently seeking a debate and vote on the U.S. role in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. We applaud their effort for bringing unprecedented and long-overdue discussion and attention to this matter and we continue to urge Democratic and Republican Representatives to co-sponsor H.Con.Res.81.

We call for the introduction of companion legislation to H.Con.Res.81 in the Senate. We will not rest until unauthorized U.S. participation in the famine-inducing Saudi war in Yemen has ended.”

Yemen Peace Project
Win Without War
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Peace Action
Just Foreign Policy

3 thoughts on “Statement on Setback for HCR 81 To Stop US Support of Saudi War on Yemen”

  1. Is there a petition to sign? I’ve tried writing and calling my “representatives” in DC, only to get form letter responses. A petition signed by 50K to 100K people might have more impact.

  2. Not just a war, but a genocide.too.. I wonder what we & the Saidis will say when it’s our turn to be the recipitients!!!!!

    1. The US definition of genocide varies. If it’s a tyrant we like, the killing is legit. If it’s a tyrant that we want gone, the killing is genocide and we give them the, “We came, we saw, he died(giggle)” treatment.

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