We Have 1,000 Bases In 80 Countries. Do You Feel Safer?

The Pentagon spends hundreds of billions of dollars maintaining some 1,000 US bases overseas – in every corner of the globe. The rest of the world combined maintains a total of 77 military bases outside of national borders. In this “we’re number one.” But what is the cost? As Professor Robert Pape has extensively researched, it is the sense of being occupied by a foreign power that most motivates potential suicide terrorists. Is a US worldwide military empire really keeping us safe…or is it just making the military-industrial complex rich? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “We Have 1,000 Bases In 80 Countries. Do You Feel Safer?”

  1. The Nazis occupying France, for instance, regarded the Resistance to be terrorists and the Vichy government considered them traitors, either charge held the Death penalty. And it wasn’t difficulty to find collaborators who denounced the Resistance. Just like Collaborators in the U.S. supporting anti-freedom fighters like the Klan and the Police and ICE. And the ones they consider to be members of racial or religious minorities… not just Mex but all other Indians are just as liable to be shot in the back by cops, Christians and Jews, Rastafarians, if their skin is too dark or too ‘radical’ or not Islamophobic or… you know, put just any member of any group for violations of the unofficial rules governing assimilation and conformity, even to include dress codes…

    Diversity has become a capital offense in America. And it’s going to spread the revolution across America as well.

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