UN Sanctions Forbid North Korea Hockey Players Getting Hockey Sticks

US Sanctions Likely Preclude Them Getting Uniforms

When the US and UN try to impose new sanctions on North Korea, as they do every few weeks, the question that inevitably rises is: what’s left to sanction. The Winter Olympics are underscoring just how far this has already gone.

Just participating in the hockey event is a challenge. North Korea is forbidden, by UN sanctions, from buying hockey sticks, because they’re “recreational sporting equipment.” In past events, North Korean participants have had to borrow all sticks, and return them before leaving.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. North Korea also has to find a third party to supply uniforms for them, because the uniform sponsor, Nike, is afraid that doing business with them will violate US sanctions.

Across North Korea’s participation, this is a recurring problem. The singers and dancers they agreed to send are coming by ship, but the ship may not have enough fuel. Buying fuel would be in violation of the sanctions, so the ship is stuck en route.

Samsung is giving all the Olympics participants Galaxy Note 8 phones, but some are claiming they count as “dual use” because of their processing power and GPS capabilities. The suggestion again is North Korea might be forced to give phones back at the end of the event.

Olympic games are meant to be a time to emphasize international cooperation, and while North Korea’s involvement started as an exemplar of sports diplomacy, increasingly it underscores just how obscene the anti-North Korea sanctions already are, and how petty they’ve become.

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      1. Meltdown; she thinks “Pagans” are the cause of all evil in the world.

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  2. I agree with your characterization completely Jason. This doesn’t hurt North Korea or Iran all that much. What it does is show the world that despite all its wealth, power, and resources, the United States Govt has the mentality of a street thug.

    1. I totally agree with both you and Jason; this insanity doesn’t hurt the DPRK or Iran one bit; what it does is show the world that despite all its wealth, power and resources, the USG, indeed, has the mentality of a street thug.
      It didn’t use to be this way when its Founders sat down and drew up its Constitution. They intended the new nation to be a Constitutional Republic, with the Central Gov’t in control of only foreign policy and commerce, as well as defending it from external forces .. All the other powers belonged to the individual states. Also, any state could secede if it wanted to, but it wasn’t until after Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1960 that the Southern States seceded, and the war between the North and the South began in the spring of 1861. It was Lincoln who destroyed the 10th Amendment (States’ Rights), that let the USG to what it is today.

  3. Well you have to be a little careful giving the North Koreans Samsung phones. I understand they built a rocket that could launch a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 2000 kilometers.

  4. What is the purpose behind sanctioning North Korea from buying recreational sporting equipment? What possible purpose does that serve? If I were one of those losers who are terrified of North Korea I think I’d rather have them playing hockey or ping-pong instead of working on a rocket, huh? On the other hand, doesn’t the North Korean hockey team already have hockey sticks and other equipment? Why not just bring theirs?

    1. Er, the article mentioned shortages in NK of such equipment. They break or lose any stuff, and its gone.

      It thus makes more sense to borrow equipment when playing abroad, and, anything they borrow abroad technically can’t even be taken back as gifts, because that too would violate sanctions.

  5. Those anti-NK protesters burning NK flags and screaming “Go back” belong to the far-right oxymoronic Korean Patriots Party, likely all bought and paid for by Western non-Koreans.

    Indigenous reunification plans had better take into account South Korean “Stay behind” units, secret militias based on the NATO GLADIO example.

  6. Same with the Russians. The no doubt Independent and Not Kissing Washington Nutsack international Olympic Committee tried to ban Russia from the game. I guess the Team USA feel the only way they can win is if the Russians
    don’t compete. Here’s my take.Awwww… ‘merican athletes don’t get the
    competition eliminated so they’ll have to actually earn any victory.
    Team USA, you can do your gig better than I do. Not that I give three
    quarters of a fat rat’s left testicle, it’s GAMES. If you ever do
    something worthwhile in life, something that actually makes a difference
    to the world or the U.S. … Remember summer games 1972? I do. The U.S.
    basketball team lost by a couple of points to the Russians in what the
    Team Crybaby U.S.A. say was a bad call from the referees, so they as a
    team refused to take the Silver medal and still do. Get over yourselves,
    REAL pro basketball teams have the same thing every week. They don’t
    spend the next 45 years whining about it. Grow Up already. I’m going to
    put this on the NotMyTribe blog here in Colorado Springs.

    Now, for a little more abusive Truth: Remember the “Miracle on Ice”
    nonsense? Where Reagan actually took the credit for the work of the
    athletes and the Stupid Party every 4 years play that stupid movie,
    glorifying it as proof that America is somehow better than Russia
    because of a game which kids play for fun. So, tell me, O
    Non-enlightened Ones, arbiters of all Truth… if the U.S. team beat the
    Russians means Americans are better than Russians, oh and by the way
    there were referee calls that may or maybe not helped the Team U.S.A.,
    why didn’t the Soviets go on a multiple-decades crying spree.? Maybe the
    Russians showed themselves to be a little bit more mature.

    And the basketball GAME a decade back ‘proved’ (by stupid party logic)
    that Russia is better or America worse, really? No, it did NOT. You want
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