Jeffrey D. Sachs Says US Must Exit Syria Now

6 thoughts on “Jeffrey D. Sachs Says US Must Exit Syria Now”

  1. I would have to look up this Jeffrey Sachs because he talks sense here. This Stavridis guy on the other hand is worthless. He understands the ‘fatigue’ about Syria? This is not about fatigue.

  2. The foreign policy geniuses at MSNBC…
    Mr. Sachs is talking true and good sense. The rest look on as if someone took their toys away. “You mean our latest false flag could start WWIII? That’s a bummer, but let’s take that chance!”

  3. I saw Jeffrey Sachs on Morning Joe in the wee hours of the morning the other day, and I was so impressed with him I had to look him up. It took courage for him to go into Morning Joe’s den of libtards and speak the truth.

  4. Yes we should get out of Syria now. Nothing in it for MOST U.S. taxpayers unless you are on the “getting side” of government.

  5. Looked into Operation Timber Sycamore thanks to catching Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.

    Every American should become familiar with this insidious project.

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