Col. Douglas MacGregor Speaks Against Syria Strikes as He Is Interrupted by Trump Announcing Strikes

On Fox News last night

“The only upside I can see is non-intervention.”
~ Col. Douglas MacGregor, former top planner for Gen. Wesley Clark (NATO commander), former commanding officer of H.R. McMaster

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  1. I watched that last night. Tucker has had the antiwar colonel on several times before. Why aren’t there more retired military officers speaking out against American aggression? Now that blood has been shed, I hope that Tucker remains allowed by FOX to speak out against war. We’ll know next week. Truth is the first casualty of war.

    1. I noticed that FOX did not repeat Tucker’s show last night at the 9 p.m. Pacific time. Instead they reran Shannon Bream’s show immediately after her finished time slot. I am sure they did not want more people seeing Tucker’s show last night.

      1. Interesting. He was on Laura Ingraham that night where he showed Sebastian Gorka to be an ass who didn’t know what he was talking about.

  2. Trump betrayed the people who voted for a non interventionist President. The idiot does not understand he has handed his opponents a loaded gun. Guess who will now be impeached for high crimes? This will happen as Congress will say the War Powers Act was not adered to.Guesd who gets to be President now?

    1. I hope Trump does get impeached. He will richly deserve it after this. I’m not wild about the Christian nut becoming president though. If Trump doesn’t get impeached, I hope he doesn’t get reelected. I even hope the Democrats take control of Congress if they are willing to stop Trump from taking these military actions in the future.

      1. Why would the democrats stop the military actions? Obama had no problem with them at all.

        1. You’re right. We are seeing that it’s the Democrats that are most supportive of his attack on Syria. They are all for “humanitarian” wars.

      2. Trump is indeed betraying his anti-interventionist supporters — but any of them who didn’t suspect that would happen should have opened their eyes a long time ago.

        As for thinking that Democrats might oppose this kind of military action — sorry, I’m laughing too hard to respond properly.

      3. Where do you get the idea that Trump is a Christian? His favorite verse in the Bible is “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” That’s Old Testament Judaism.

        1. I was referring to Mike Pence. He’s the Christian nut who would take over if Trump was impeached.

          1. Sorry, I went back and read your comment and realize now that you were referring to Pence. Pence is hopelessly lost in the Old Testament.

      4. It just doesn’t matter. They will do what they want when they want as much as they want to whomever they want. It wont matter who you vote for. The US is over.

  3. Mac Gregor was not Mcmaster commanding officer. He was a staff officer when Mcmaster fought in the battle of 73 easting. Poor Mac Gregor just can’t stand he didn’t make General.

    1. It speaks well for McGregor that he didn’t make General. That means he wasn’t a yes man and a bootlicker.

          1. Being a female, I was exempt from the draft during the Viet Nam war, another war waged by liars. My dad did serve in WW II in the Army Air Corps at Wing Headquarters though. He always said, “The army brings out the best in a man or the worst.”

        1. You might want to read a bit. Perhaps one of Macgregors books: Breaking the Phalanx, Margin of Victory or Transformation Under Fire. Or perhaps review his record. Btw, how about being outnumbered and outgunned 10 to 1 at the 73 Easting battle. No air support either. No losses on that victory. NICE performance at the NTC. One of the best on record.

          Or you could just disparage one of the to few capable field commanders the U.S. has produced. Doubtless you believe the POLITICAL generals that have failed miserably are “capable”. Fact is those general are mostly inept. BUT they kiss the right ass on cue. Which is why we have in ineffectual top heavy brass burdened military.

          1. He wasn’t just another grunt though. Top planner to Clarke in Kosovo, what was his role in nearly starting WW3 with our, at the time, Russian allies?
            I see he was hot for the war against Iraq too.
            Sounds like an opportunist and whipping the badly led and worse equipped Iraqis fails to impress me.

          2. Nope. He did his job. He went on to oppose Libya, Syria, Yemen, continued war in Afghanistan and more. As far as the Iraq army goes, the Republican guard unit was pretty well equipped. Also had veterans from the brutal war with Iraq. And if you take a look at his accomplishments, and are honest, this guy is impressive. You are off target. No one is perfect, but McGregor is one of the good guys. Some can continue to tear down those that help the non intervention side, but imo it isn’t helpful.

            How many Americans supported so many wars ? Very few have clean hands. My problem is with those that remain uninformed. We should, at least, as citizens know enough to understand we are being lied to.

          3. I’ve been lied to enough to have a healthy scepticism when it comes to reformed hawks.
            Maybe he’s all that but where was he during the elections of ‘04, ‘08 etc etc?

          4. Macgregor supported Ron Paul. He is a nationalist. Like Pat Buchanan. Those support a strong military, but are against interventions. And “strong” doesn’t mean huge, bloated and full of generals that get wealthy. MacGregor has a position and details on slimming down the armed forces, which is why he is so hated by the pentagon generals and the globalist neocons.

  4. via Jim Bovard ~ “Media is cheering Trump for again behaving like a lynch mob with cruise missiles, attacking Syria based on unproven suspicions. But Trump tonight is also blowing up a lot of his domestic support. For politicians, killing and lying go together like ham and eggs. Legal basis for attacking Syria supposedly “Article II power to defend vital American interests.” It is vital that Trump’s approval rating rise above 50% so U.S. bombed Damascus.”
    April 14, 2018

    1. Not so fast. Now that the dust has settled over Damascus, the war mongers are disappointed and want Trump to go further and take out Assad and his palace and bunkers.

    2. So Trump is losing some of his old support, but unfortunately, he’s gaining more new supporters than he’s losing of the old supporters. It goes to show how war is a force that gives us meaning. We’re all for it as long as it’s others who are doing the dying.

      1. Yeah, but those Neocons who are supporting him are not going to vote for him in 2020. They’ll have a more respectable acting candidate by then. Trump is being played for a fool.

        1. Unless the Democrats get a more antiwar candidate to run. If they were smart, they would do so. A lot of the public is sick of these wars.

      2. Herb Schaffler – Trump has not fully lost my support. But, I’m greatly saddened that he is violating his Sacred Oath of Office by following the advice of the Neocon Warmongers, like John Bolton.
        We have not been in a Constitutionally Lawfully Congressional Declared War since WWII, as mandated under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution.

      3. Herb Schaffler – War and Warmongering should never be a force to give anyone meaning.
        I’m not against Pres. Trump, but I am against some of his and his Cabinets UN-Constitutional mode of reacting and thinking.
        All of those in government have sworn a Sacred Oath to also uphold the U.S. Constitution’s Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11, which ONLY give the Authority to the U.S. Congress to decide whether or not to Declare War and/or engage in war.

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