The Syria Narrative Comes Apart: With Sen. Richard Black

Strange how the media seems to have moved away from Washington’s claims about a “chemical attack” in Syria just as more and more evidence comes to light that seriously undermines the US narrative. The media is reduced to accusing those who question the narrative — even with evidence — of being “conspiracy theorists.” Virginia State Senator Richard Black is a retired US military officer and JAG officer with a Purple Heart earned in Vietnam. He is not buying the mainstream media and Trump Administration claims about the attack. He has followed the Syria war closely and in 2016 even took a trip to Syria. He joins today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report to shine the light on the falsehoods being spread:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “The Syria Narrative Comes Apart: With Sen. Richard Black”

  1. Excellent interview with Sen. Richard Black. I wish Tucker Carslon would invite him onto his show on FOX.

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