Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Talks About Syria, North Korea Peace, and Iran with Tucker Carlson

An excellent interview where Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) argues to support peace in Korea, getting the US out of Syria, and preserving the Iran Deal.

18 thoughts on “Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Talks About Syria, North Korea Peace, and Iran with Tucker Carlson”

  1. Tucker and Tulsi together at last!

    Tulsi vs. Trump is the battle America needs in 2020. B)

    1. Given what Trump said on the campaign trail about seeking peace with Russia, as well as ending our Mideast wars, it’s too bad that he didn’t put her on the ticket instead of Pence.

  2. Excellent advice by Rep. Gabbard. She’s 100% correct.

    Tulsi gives the impression of authenticity.

    I’d also love to see Chuck Baldwin and some of the Paleos on Fox or wherever. Baldwin though, like PCR, gets carried away in his warnings of war…

  3. I am very impressed by Gabbard’s statements on foreign policy. She is intelligent, articulate and correct. Before I make up my mind about supporting her for president I need to see evidence that she is ready to stand up to the Zionist lobby and I would like to hear her condemn the anti-Muslim Hindu sectarians in India. But she seems ready to lead on Iran and Korea. I agree with Gabbard that we should do everything we can to help Trump make a peace treaty with North Korea. In stark contrast to Trump, Gabbard shows the capacity to put the interests of the country and the world ahead of her own ego. I want to hear more about her.

    1. Good grief…she stood up against the DNC..her own party.. and lost some major funding in the process. .I have no doubts she will stand up for or against anything or anybody if she deems it vital to her integrity and life on earth.

      1. I agree that Gabbard has courage and integrity to stand up for what she believes in. She also has the intelligence to connect the issues and the charisma to explain her positions clearly and to lead. Gabbard’s mother aptly describes her daughter as “humble in the service of others.”
        Nonetheless, Gabbard has signed onto several pro-Zionist congressional resolutions and accepted an award from the Adelsons. She has not decisively broken with the Zionist lobby and stated that she supports the US “alliance” with Israel and she has close ties to Modi and his anti-Muslim party in India. And she believes that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons.
        Gabbard is a very young politician whose views have changed and evolved for the better. Gabbard continues to grow and develop. So I believe the antiwar movement should look for opportunities to engage her on Iran, Israel and India. and I hope that she will eventually come to a deeper understanding of issues and possibly emerge as an antiwar candidate in 2020.

  4. We cannot ask for a better or a saner politician than Tulsi.
    However even she has internalized the fiction that the Iranian nuclear program was for weapons. It was really for energy. They did not ever entered the highly enriched uranium (HEU) regime (>20%). It was always in low enriched regime (LEU) which is less than 20%. She does need to get her facts right.

  5. “Fox News host left speechless by someone talking sense” – all Tucker Carlson could do was mumble “interesting… interesting…” when he was faced with a slew of sensible, balanced foreign policy statements. I’m beginning to think Tulsi Gabbard is actually too good for the White House.

    1. Tucker knows what he’s talking about. He’s had Tulsi on several times before, and his antiwar views are well known. But I also think that Tucker must walk a tightrope to keep his job at Neocon-controlled Fox. A few weeks ago, he disappeared for 3 days, and, to my knowledge, no explanation was provided. It could be that he was suspended for saying that there was no evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons right before it was announced that Trump had unleashed 102 strikes on Syria. But I agree – Tulsi is far too good for that Cesspool.

    2. ” I’m beginning to think Tulsi Gabbard is actually too good for the White House.”
      I fear that the people behind the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK might agree.

    3. Tucker Carlson is one of the ONLY people on our corporate fascist news networks who makes sense when talking about foreign policy. He actually advocates peace – even with Russia. He deserves some respect.

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    1. I’m not sure what you mean. The commenting is separate for the blog, news, and commentary sections because they’re actually three separate sites set up as subdomains, but there is commenting on all three sections.

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        1. Hmm — sounds like some kind of cookie or cache error to me. Have you tried a different computer or browser, or clearing your cache and/or cookies?

  7. What a great interview! He let her talk, and she had powerful, well-organized things to say. So rare to hear anything like that on corporate media.

  8. Intelligent, thoughtful, measured – able to see issues from both sides . . . what’s not to like? Sadly, these are qualities lacking in most of the US Congress people :)

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