Pat Buchanan Takes on Sean Hannity Over Iran Deal

14 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan Takes on Sean Hannity Over Iran Deal”

  1. Hannity is posing for his handlers. Fake outrage with no real answers to Buchanan’s points. The regime in Israel wants the US in another Middle East war. The trillions of wasted dollars and the stacks of dead American soldiers have been the product of the war party. The million dead and multi millions of wrecked lives do not concern the policy makers of the Western nations.

  2. I am reminded of a hilarious scene in “Housesitter” where Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn are pretending to be married and having a marital dispute. They go to the minister for counseling and everything both of them say is made up.

    Is Hannity so ignorant that he doesn’t know that Israel was created by terrorists? The Shah of Iran and 25 years of state terror was a CIA operation. After the Shah was deposed the 8-year war with Iraq which killed millions was instigated by the US. The terrorism of the 70s and 80s by the likes of the Red Brigades were false flag Israeli operations. Is Buchanan so ignorant that he doesn’t know ISIS is a terrorist army created by the US, Israel and the Saudis? Like the “war on drugs” the “war on terror” is a war against a manufactured enemy.

    I don’t think they are ignorant. It would be less disheartening if they were.

  3. Hannity…never, ever less than tool-level 10. To think that tens of millions of americans hang on every word of his fabulist ass. smh.

  4. Shawn did not even let Buchanan make his point. He just wants to talk, and talk, and talk. He has no ability to listen and debate courteously. Shawn’s points are easily rebutted, if he would stop talking.

  5. Sean Hannity is a brainwashed Neocon shilling for Israel. Buchanan is right. Hannity is hysterical.

  6. Maybe all the pro-American Americans should move away (maybe to northern Canada if global warming kicks in and the natives allow it), and leave the US to the rest. They’d have fewer people to tax.

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