The ‘Bolton Effect’: From Breakthrough To Breakdown With North Korea

If President Trump is serious in his desire to seal an historic deal with North Korea then his employees are actively working against him. Based on National Security Advisor John Bolton’s bombastic CNN appearance over the weekend, the North Koreans have cancelled a high-level inter-Korea meeting scheduled for today and have suggested that the Trump/Kim summit scheduled for next month might be cancelled. Will warmongering Bolton trump Trump on Korea? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “The ‘Bolton Effect’: From Breakthrough To Breakdown With North Korea”

  1. Bolton is best as a guest host yelling bomb them. Over thrown their government. Look at the success Libya, Iraq and gaza has been We need to continue the same way. Israel has to be wondering the old thought with friends like this who needs enemies.

  2. Bolton suggesting the “Libya Model” is really breathtaking in its over excessive indulgence in brazen chutzpah. Something about being raped to death with a bayonet on the side of the road by a baying mob might not be entirely appealing…

    1. He been use to being on friendly media who clap and any stupid statement he made. He has zero experience in anything but pushing for war. He clearly supports the white paper operation clean sweep which calls for the overthrow of every arab nation. Our disaster in the middle east has been created by the morons who pushed this stupid concept. It is not only destroying the middle east but also Europe.

  3. Regarding the current South Korean / United States air combat ‘war games’ that North Korea deems threatening…. Why are they happening? Couldn’t they be postponed? It is incredible to think that we would deliberately provoke North Korea with these intimidating tactics with so much at stake — peace, reunification, summits, meetings. All could be lost due to this idiotic practice of fanning the flames of potential war.

    1. It is of particular interest that initially the war games included the deployment of nuclear capable B-52 bombers. How could Kim not have noticed and not have reacted adversely?

      Like most American administrations, this one is tone deaf too.

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