Trump Hammers NATO. Good! Let’s Get Out!

President Trump is making waves as he arrives in Europe for the NATO summit. Chiding Germany for benefitting from US protection against Russia while buying billions of dollars worth of Russian oil, he has captured the duplicity of European leaders. But the solution is not to browbeat them to spend more on their militaries. It’s to shut down NATO once and for all. More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

22 thoughts on “Trump Hammers NATO. Good! Let’s Get Out!”

  1. The only way to kill a bureaucracy is to drive a wooden stake through its heart. NATO delenda est.

  2. So the bill arrived today and after eating and drinking at this table for decades you are advising that its time to skip out on alliance obligations?
    Great leadersip.

  3. WWII ended. The Cold War ended.
    NATO is a vestigial organization. It no longer has a clear purpose…kina like the US military. What the heck are you “defending” against? An invasion from Canada? The last time anyone had to “defend” this nation was the war of 1812.

    Honestly, if the British wanted to burn DC to the ground right now, they’d be received by a welcoming committee that’s handing out torches and molotovs upon arrival…

    1. Good one, liveload, indeed, WWII ended, the Cold War ended.
      I agree 100%, NATO’s a vestigial anachronism that no longer has a clear purpose, sort of like the US military. I ask the same question, what are we “defending” against? An invasion from Canada? As you rightly said, the last time anyone had to “defend” this nation was the War of 1812.
      I feel the same way, mate, if the British wanted to burn DC to the ground right now, they’d be received by a welcoming committee that’s handing out torches and Molotov cocktails upon arrival.

  4. Winding up NATO would be great- but Trump is hardly the messenger to do it. For one thing, with the way he is ramping up military spending, and threatening everybody, left and right, would it make any difference? Trump would probably use the disappearance of NATO as an excuse to call for increasing the size of the US military even more- because the US would now not have any allies.

    This is the big problem with agreeing with Trump on anything. Even when he starts to look like doing something in the right direction, he’s invariably doing it for the wrong reason, and likely to deliver nothing but disaster through utter incompetence.

    Sure the car of Empire is going in the wrong direction; but handing the wheel to Trump is likely to get you driven off the nearest cliff.

  5. NATO should have been terminated in 1992 when the old Soviet Union collapsed. Actually it never should have been created. NATO is the war machine of the Cold War which was evil (dividing the world into warring factions) and only a program by the same Atlantic based oligarchs who earlier had supported the rise of fascism which let to WWII. If FDR has not died (mysteriously) and the arch-traitor Truman (confederate sympathizer and an asset of the most imperialist and warmongering faction of the British oligarchy – the Cliveden Set) the Cold War and NATO would never have been created. All those, who now support NATO and opposed Trump, are only trying to rekindle the Cold War or start a hot war between the super-powers. Trump, in his own clumsy way, knows that the world is trying to emerge from the old geopolitical model (free trade imperialism and war) to a geoeconomic model (cooperation and prosperity). The true enemies of the American people are the anti-Trump hysterics in both corrupt political parties, their puppets in the media, and the thugs in the Cold War-based Deep State, all of whom are in the pockets of the globalist free trade oligarchs. Trump is a protectionist at heart, as were the best of our national leaders.

    1. To quote a fictional character from a fairly good TV show, “free trade stops wars.”

      Pro-protectionism and pro-peace are mutually exclusive propositions.

      1. Nonsense, almost every major war for the last 300 years has been started by the globalist oligarchy centered in the City of London and then also on Wall St. Protectionism has nothing to do with any of the major wars. Free trade starts wars. You are repeating the propaganda of the world’s elites. Lincoln was a protectionist and he not only won the Civil War but built America into an industrial giant at the same time. FDR defeated the AXIS powers while being a protectionist at home.

          1. The Confederacy was a project of the British free trade empire. The Civil was was not started by protectionists. Lincoln won it and built America with protectionist principles. Nazi Germany was a project of the free trade policies of the Bank of England and Wall St. firms such as those of Prescott Bush until they lost control of their “Frankenstein’s monster” at Munich. Again protectionist measures defeated Hitler (along with help from “our most stalwart war time ally”, Russia (FDR’s words”). Everyone who has studied and supports the labor movement over free trade exploiters knows this to be true. Anyone arguing for free trade is an enemy of the Middle Class and working poor. That appears to be you Mr. Knapp. I do not try to get into, and I do not recommend anyone get into, useless back and forth with enemy trolls. You will probably make a hostile comment to this which you are free to do. But readers here either know the truth and are on the side of the working class and true Americans, or they are supporters of lying free traders and other SOB traitors. ‘Nuff said.




          2. Lincoln started the Civil War when he tried to resupply and reinforce Fort Sumter.

            Lincoln was a protectionist.

            QED, the Civil War was started by a protectionist.

          3. Now we now you are not only an historical revisionist, and an SOB, but a Confederate sympathizer, i.e., a traitor. All traitors deserve a traitors fate.

          4. Who’s this “we?” Do you have a mouse in your pocket, or perhaps multiple personalities banging around in your brain?

            No, I’m not a “Confederate sympathizer.” It is a fact of historical record that the bombardment of Fort Sumter followed, and was ordered in response to, Lincoln’s notice to the governor of South Carolina that he was going to resupply Sumter. War might have been avoided if Lincoln had just let the fort go.

            SHOULD he have let it go? That’s a different question. My opinion is that Lincoln did what the logic of his position — that secession was not permissible under the Constitution — required him to do. And while I favor recognizing a right of secession generally, the states that styled themselves “the Confederacy” were quite clear in their ordinances of secession that they were seceding for the express purpose of maintaining the vile institution of chattel slavery. Lincoln didn’t start the war to end slavery, but the Confederates fought the war to preserve it. I wish the war hadn’t happened, but all in all I’m glad it came out the way it did.

            For your next lesson, learn the meaning of the word “traitor.” And the proper use of the apostrophe.

          5. I apologize for my characterization of you. Clearly you are morally superior to me. And you know more about everything I do not – including the “right of secession generally”.

            P.S. contrary to popular opinion, the Civil War had already started two weeks earlier than the firing on Ft. Sumter in the West. But, I guess you knew that also and will blame those battles on Lincoln even though most historians say they were started by Confederate troops encouraged by British agents.

            Anyway, I will not respond to your next reply. Unlike some people, I do not enjoy the back-and-forth. I just want readers to investigate history for themselves and that they ignore partisan fake news.

          6. I made no claim to be morally superior to you. You’re entitled to believe whatever you want to believe, and if you don’t want to argue it, feel free not to.

          7. The problem with arguing in social media is that leads no where. But I have examined your comments on other articles here and I am confused as to where you really stand.

            I see no purpose in arguing with you or anyone else, I simply wish to point readers to examine any facts I present. You can agree or disagree.

            As to the Civil War, it was a project of British intelligence, a covert project which was launched shortly after the War of 1812, the second British loss against the Americans.

            The British and European oligarchs realized they could not defeat America by war so those chose espionage to exploit our Nation’s original sin, that of not achieving emancipation of the slaves quickly after Independence. The goal was divide and conquer.

            One of the British master spies was Albert Pike, who organized the networks that would eventually become the leadership of the Confederacy. He then became a general in the Confederacy directing the war in the West continuing pre-war Confederate terrorism in “Bloody Kansas” and other parts of the West. This is where the Civil War began.

            As the war ended Pike organized the Confederate terrorists groups aimed at destroying the railroad system Lincoln had built. He also organized most of the Indian uprisings after the War even inducting many of their chiefs into his networks. One of his most successful agents after the war was W.F. Cody who then went on to create the myth of the “Wild West” to cover up British/Confederate operations after the war.

            Pike also created the KKK and its current cover organization, the Scottish Rite, which still controls many towns in the South and the West especially in the Ozarks region west of Nashville, HQ for Confederate terrorism and banking activity after the war. This region was bordered on the west by the Missouri/Kansas border where Pike’s terrorist networks began fighting Unionists long before the firing on Ft. Sumter, where uniformed Confederate troops attacked the Union Army just weeks before the firing on Ft. Sumter, and from where the post-Civil War terrorists launched their campaigns. Nashville is also the location of Vanderbilt University, where in the 1920s-1930s the “Lost Cause” campaign was started by the Nashville Agrarians, organized out of the old Pike networks, to lie about the Civil War and glorify the Confederate traitors such as Robert E. Lee.

            One of the lies of the Lost Cause was the canard that Lincoln started the Civil War.

            Among the most famous among Pike’s agents, besides Cody, were the rebel terrorists, the James, Younger and Cole brothers, as well as the Indian leaders Sitting Bull and his son and grandson.

            The Indian chiefs working for the British went onto work with Cody in creating the myth of the West, leaving out the role of the Confederacy and the British spies – and painting such as Jesse James as an “outlaw” rather than a terrorist, and to cover up the role of these spies in the Indian uprisings.

            KKK and Scottish Rite agents also went on to create the Hollywood film industry and continue the myths about the West, the Indian Wars, the “outlaws”, etc.

            Pike and his fellow British spies were also instrumental in the defeat of Reconstruction, the regaining of power in the South by the Confederate families, the terror of the KKK, the launching of Jim Crow, and the undermining of the Grant administration and other Lincolnist administrations between the Civil War and Spanish-American War.

            One of the networks created by Pike and other Confederate/British spies helped elect the traitor who launched the war against Spain, President Teddy Roosevelt (whose uncle was head of Confederate intelligence in Britain during the Civil War and who helped organize Confederate banking after the war). T.R. turned America away from the Constitution to being an imperial power in the service of British and European oligarchs. T.R. brought together the remains of the old Confederacy, Wall St. oligarchs and the opium traders of Boston and Newport, and their British cousins into creating modern American imperialism.

            The World Wars of the 20th Century can be traced directly to the evil espionage activities of Teddy Roosevelt and the remainder of the Pike networks.

            This same T.R./Wall St./KKK/British network helped the KKK President Wilson get America into a European war where he sent American farm boys to die in muddy trenches for the British under the command of the KKK’s Pershing. And as most all students of history know, WWII probably would not have happened were it not for the perfidy of WWI.

            Pike’s terrorist spy networks continued well into the 20th Century helping to put into the Oval Office another traitor President, Harry Truman (whose great uncle was one of the bloodiest Confederate terrorists after the Civil War) who started the Cold War along with his British master Churchill (who helped start WWII).

            Truman also created the modern “Deep State” which now controls the Democratic Party and much of the Republican Party and the corporate media.

            You may have noticed that the campaign to cover-up Hillary Clinton’s crimes and frame Donald Trump began in London with colluding between British intelligence and those in the American side of the Deep State (check out the Five Eyes) in the CIA, State Dept. and FBI.

            Yes, a foreign power did intervene in the 2016 election, but it was hardly the Russians. It was the British.

            That is the real history of America, the Civil War, and our special enemy Great Britain. This is how America was transformed into an imperialist power for the 20th Century continuing the imperialism headed by the British in previous centuries.

            Now that we are at war in over 75 countries (thanks to new treasonous Presidents working in the service of the British and Wall St. oligarchs (Clinton/Bush/Obama) the shadow of Albert Pike still darkens our country.

            I suspect you may disagree with much of this. Most people who have been brainwashed by the establishment and Hollywood history (fake news) will certainly do so.

            But, since I have read in your comments your view of Harry Truman, as a terrorist for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I hope you will investigate Truman and his Confederate ties.

            Some of my relatives came from Lamar, MO, along the Missouri/Kansas border, as did Truman and his rebel family, so I heard of his Southern terrorist sympathies long before I learned the rest of what I write here.

            My parents adored FDR, whose post-war policies were completely reversed by the traitor Truman. FDR was negotiating for the surrender of the Japanese and would not, IMHO, have used nukes to kill thousands of Japanese as did the terrorist Truman. FDR wanted to end colonialism and imperialism after WWII but in this was opposed by such as the British oligarch Churchill, a man who supported the rise of Hitler until the British/Wall St. “Frankenstein’s monster” got out of control at Munich, and who helped the Missouri confederate sympathizer Truman organize the Cold War which resulted in many imperialist wars since their time.

            P.S. these spy networks still exist and are active within both of the major political parties and the Deep State, and the media. For example, one of the networks, which helped Pike and his fellow British spies organize the Confederacy, was the British Zionist outfit the B’nai B’rith which continues today as the ADL, the largest private espionage outfit active in America today, working closely with both Mossad and MI6 to further both British and Israeli interests.

            You probably know that one of the these British/Zionist agents, Judah Benjamin, was the Confederate Secretary of War and then Secretary of State. He fled along with other Pike/B’nai B’rith spies to England after Gettysburg. Benjamin was also involved in organizing the assassination of Lincoln as it became obvious that the South had lost the war.

            Now that we are waging imperialist war in over 75 countries (thanks to new treasonous Presidents (Clinton/Bush/Obama) the shadow of Albert Pike and his creations still darken our country.

            You, and other readers here, might want to investigate these modern “Presidents” connections to the old Confederate and British spy networks and their American allies in the Dem/Rep establishment and the Deep State. You might be surprised at what you learn. Assuming you are interested.

            The more things change, the more they stay the same.

            Again, Lincoln did not start the Civil War. The British and their Confederate agents did.

          8. I tend to agree on the disutility of arguing in long form in comment sections. Suffice it to say that we have very different views of the origin, history, and purpose of freemasonry.

          9. So I guess that means that you think freemasonry is a benign movement rather than a breeding ground for oligarchy. war and treason. You are welcome to your un-American viewpoints (as long as you don’t extend your opinions to violent action as others who hold your views have done) but the FACTS of history argue against your political position. I prefer to stand with Lincoln and not the reprobates who fired on Ft. Sumter.
            ‘Nuff said. Have a good day.

          10. You do a lot of guessing, don’t you? My view of freemasonry is not the opposite of yours, it’s orthogonal to yours, and not particularly worth arguing. I’ve also made it pretty clear that I don’t particularly blame Lincoln for starting the Civil War. He held to a certain principle and when cornered into fighting for or sacrificing that principle chose the former. And all things considered, I’m glad he won even if I don’t approve of all his methods (all of the bad ones and more were practiced by the Confederates as well, and their reasons weren’t as good).

          11. I kept guessing because your comments were confusing to me. Perhaps that is my fault. I consider the Confederacy as evil as Nazi Germany, the Southern Cross flag as disgusting as the German Swastika, and such as Lee, Davis and Benjamin, and their European sponsors, as no different than Hitler, Mussolini or Tojo. I can not abide any comparison of the South with the North. In my view, Lincoln was good and decent when he offered “malice towards none, and charity for all” to the rebel soldiers. His assassination should have amended that offer which was fitting and proper. The leaders of the treason should have been hung. America would have been a better place had that been done. Your view seemed not as inflexible as mine. That is the only reason I have responded to you here. But I hear you when you say you are glad Lincoln won. So be it. Peace.

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