Ron Paul Interviews Sen. Rand Paul on His Recent Trip To Russia

Ron Paul Liberty Report host Ron Paul is joined by his son, Sen. Ron Paul (R-KY), to discuss the Senator’s recent trip to Russia. What was discussed? Where is this new dialogue going? Will Sen. Paul’s efforts pay off and result in better relations? Or will the neocons, Democrats, and deep state continue to collude to invent a new Cold War? Join today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul Interviews Sen. Rand Paul on His Recent Trip To Russia”

  1. The American people get nothing out of cold war 2.0. Not anything good anyway; trillions in debt, proxy wars, spying on everyone including our own people and the very real chance of nuclear war are not good for the American people. But of course some people do profit, just not you or me.

    1. Well, to an extent, the American people collectively get some of the same benefit out of the whole cold war idea that an individual does from getting a bunch of credit cards, maxing them out, and then making the minimum payment and hoping he dies before that becomes impossible.

      That is, there’s an extent to which all the government borrowing and spending has temporarily (but for a long time from the point of view of any individual) inflated our standard of living beyond our actual means.

      But the credit cards are pretty much maxed out, the minimum payments are growing, the creditors are getting antsy and at some point new cards to transfer the old debt to stop arriving in the mailbox.

      1. It might be more accurate to say our standard of living will decline post-reset. I doubt most have benefited, at least outside certain sectors.

  2. Yes, Russia was a distraction from the corruption of the DNC and democrats. VIPS, Veteran Intelligence Profressionals for Sanity, including Ray McGovern, say it was trumped up to divert and there was no evidence for all the Russia baiting. So, now we have progressives and other democrats who are talking sanctions. Obama participated in moving NATO troops, missiles and other war machinery up to the Russian Border. There appears to be little difference between conservatives and liberals in wanting a cold and or hot war with Russia. What’s up with this? WWI and II began with sanctions. Sanctions lead to war after a country suffers. I appreciate Rand and Ron Paul wanting to dialouge with Russia. I am a Democratic Socialist but will never consider myself a Democrat again. With 90% of the world’s nukes with Russia and the US, it is insanity not to be talking. Thanks for this interview. Now on to the issue of the Weaponization of Weather.

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