South Korea Seeks Peace With North: Will US Sanction Seoul?

Are the neocons running circles around President Trump? His Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has opposed the president’s moves to open dialogue with North Korea from the get-go. Now he has managed to scuttle a visit to Pyongyang by showing Trump a letter from a North Korean official that is reported to be “belligerent.” That was enough for Trump to cancel Pompeo’s trip. Meanwhile, South Korea is pursuing good relations with the North regardless of US backtracking. Washington is reportedly considering sanctions on its South Korean ally if Seoul continues on a peace path with Pyongyang. More on this bizarre turn of events in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “South Korea Seeks Peace With North: Will US Sanction Seoul?”

  1. Beta be careful there and not overplay their hand…… OR ……. Could get reprise of embassy/helicopter departure of Siagon on Korean Penusula…. With N. & S. troops together do in th’de Not a good picture…!!!!!

  2. What would a “united” Korea look like? Would it be “democratic”? When NK calls for union, it’s likely wanting the Kims in charge.

    And that might not be a bad thing. I couldn’t say whether “democracy” or monarchy is better in this case. I just wonder the outcome.

    I doubt a united Korea would be so oppressive, because it’d be wealthier and more secure. So, it could afford greater freedoms without fearing outside influence. And the South is accustomed to more freedom.

    I’d love to read an article on the matter, if anyone is wanting something to write on.

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