This is What Happened When Tulsi Gabbard Tried to Stop Congress From Authorizing War With Iran

11 thoughts on “This is What Happened When Tulsi Gabbard Tried to Stop Congress From Authorizing War With Iran”

  1. Call it like it is…. out of 435 members of the House of Representatives, all but 60 are war mongers. What a repulsive bunch of international thugs we have “representing” us.

  2. Bernie Sanders should be turning over the reins to someone like Gabbard.

    Due to his age Sanders has no hope if running in 2020. Just getting behind Gabbard would see on overwhelming surge for the Democrats.

    1. Gabbard doesn’t seem to be preparing to run at the moment.

      Probably wise, given that the last time someone moved from the US House of Representatives to the White House was 1880.

      With rare exceptions, like Trump, the path to the White House passes through 1) a governorship; 2) a US Senate seat; or 3) high command during a major war.

      1. President Trump had built an international brand. Doing so helped propel him to the presidency. If she wants the presidency, she must build an international brand to counter the effects of pro-war mainstream media machines.

  3. The problem is that both political parties are incompetent on foreign policy in the Middle East. It is compounded by the fact that Democrats are too intolerant and too unethical to change, that is the major problem. Democrats have proved their intolerance by not accepting the presidential election of 2016. They have resisted everything and cannot even consider anything except their own self-interest in power, let alone a rational discussion on Middle East foreign policy. They need to be a regional political party, not a national party and hopefully voters will accomplish that goal.

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