Blockading Russia? US Interior Secretary’s Dangerous Threat

President Trump’s Interior Secretary warned in a recent speech that Russia’s energy sales abroad could be prevented with a US naval blockade. The head of the Russian senate’s foreign affairs committee rightly responded that this would be an act of war. Why is the US so determined to prevent trade and commerce? Why does Washington’s first reaction always seem to be threats of force? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Blockading Russia? US Interior Secretary’s Dangerous Threat”

  1. So in the space of two days we have a naval blockade threat and a preemptive strike against intermediate range missiles. I think this is mostly due to sheer incompetence but what are the Russians thinking now?

    1. Thinking that the U.S. is a dangerous foe. By these arm twisting confrontational threats we create dangerous mindsets and process of interactions. Trump”s bully methods which seem to be a default, detract from his stated goal of improving relations with Russia. Whether he ever intended to actually reset to better relations is anyone’s guess. All in all Trump scares the shirt out of me. And I think to use such tactics only worsens the situation and endangers all life here on earth. Bad relatoons make it more difficult to work out these tough to solve problems. It is simplistic to say the only solution is to scrap the treaty. If a panel of defense experts were to be convened to come up with a list of adjustments to meet the concerns of both sides, I believe some solutions could be put on the table and banged into a shape which would satisfy both parties. Any deal with China would be better as a separate one.There are many economic levers to lure China in for Trump to use. Trump”s hard bullying of Russia will stiffen China against any deal Trump is offering. Let Trump draw up a realistic list with both sides concerns and look for acts which would be beneficial to both sides. Why would China want to make any changes from the man that just tore up a deal without any visable effort to negotiate some way forward, but just quit.

      Time to get the Europeans involved in this. It really is a European Problem.

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