An Important Message From Justin Raimondo

Shortly after delivering my latest column, I was asked to include a fundraising pitch.

I immediately rebelled against the idea: I had barely been able to write my column, given my physical condition, let alone anything extra.

Am I to be spared nothing?

I thought, as I struggled to catch my breath. I lay in bed trying to find a position where I wouldn’t cough incessantly, I thinking to myself: what if the fundraiser goes badly? What if … ?

And then, mercifully, sleep overtook me. I feel better this morning, and so here I am, at the same old stand, making the case for

We’ve been manning the barricades for the Peace Party online for over twenty years, fact-checking the War Party so you don’t have to, and holding up the propaganda that comes out of the "mainstream" media to the most rigorous scrutiny.

I don’t have to make the case for donating because it’s so glaringly obvious that to do so insults my readers’ intelligence.

No one else does the job we do. Nowhere else can you find the comprehensive coverage and fine-tuned fact-filled analysis of what’s happening in the world of foreign policy. And if you think that world has no effect on your life, think again – and remember the aftermath of 9/11, and the decades of war that followed.

Could it have all been avoided? Could things have turned out differently? Is there an alternative to our foreign policy of global intervention?

We ask – and answer – these questions every single day. But we can’t continue to do it without your financial support.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today.