Assange Under Siege… Where Is Justice? Ron Paul Talks With Lew Rockwell

What kind of justice system do we have in the US when publishers of the truth that government does not want you to know are threatened with imprisonment and even the death penalty? Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell discuss the terrible and shameful treatment of publisher, journalist, and truth-teller Julian Assange:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Assange Under Siege… Where Is Justice? Ron Paul Talks With Lew Rockwell”

  1. Just saw “The Post” on HBO…. Pentagon Papers story… Very similar situstion to Assange & Wikileaks… Rally moving.. What a Tour D’force… What a woman Katherin Graham… It looks like Trump is stabbing Assange in the back…. Would Trump have been elected without the help of Jullian Assange..???

  2. No need to look for Justice you will surely be disappointed . Where ever truth is against the law . It will be difficult if not impossible to find justice . And the United States is making truth against the law for political reasons .

    1. Yep that is the truth! lol The ideology of Liberty and the advent National Security and the policy of it in essence excuses wrong doing on the part of the government and then violates the civil rights of everybody by indicting someone who exposes them as any responsible citizen should on things that are only made secret because those things are illegal and even more so directly forfeit something we are allegedly born having and supposed to be the difference it what America no longer stands for… America has been bought and sold and looted by these wall street trillion aires who exploit us arrange a fake debt of interest compounded interest that it has filled Washington with unitarian corporate government that is sold to a lobby… Yep truth was sold to the liars and the liars now use Justice in vanity to allow its abuse and misuse to prevail…. The truth is now injustice and justice the implement of fear used to deter us all from our rights…

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