Senate Vote Thursday on Yemen War: Schedule and Amendments

FYI – There are two terrible Cotton amendments that would essentially open, not shut the door, to US involvement in the war. Cornyn also offering three problematic amendments though not as poison pill as Cotton.

If groups can weigh in OPPOSITION TO Cotton #4097, Cotton #4098, Cornyn #4096, Cornyn #4090, Cornyn #4095, and IN SUPPORT of Sanders #4105 & Young #4080 it would be very impactful to tomorrow afternoon’s votes.

See below for more details.

By unanimous consent, the Senate adopted the following agreement for consideration of S.J.Res.54:

At 1:45 pm on Thursday, December 13th, all time be considered expired on S.J.Res.54, and the Senate vote in relation to the following amendments in the order listed, with 2 minutes equally divided in the usual form prior to each vote:

Further, that following disposition of the amendments, the resolution, as amended if amended, be read a third time and the Senate vote on passage with no intervening action or debate

As a result, there could be up to 8 roll call votes on the resolution tomorrow beginning at 1:45 PM (EST).

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  1. Tom Cotton, the hillbilly Israel-First Zionist . Traitors like him should be stripped of their citizenship and shipped to the country they love and work for.. Israel.

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