Russia Used Sex Toys To ‘Foment Discord’ Says News Article

The brilliant Jimmy Dore exposes the latest BS about Russian “agents” sewing discord in America by promoting sex toys.

10 thoughts on “Russia Used Sex Toys To ‘Foment Discord’ Says News Article”

  1. Whatever Russia was doing, it was nothing compared to the 24/7/365 screwing that 320,000,000+ Americans have to endure courtesy of the mainstream media and the federal and state governments. Talk about “fomenting discord.”

      1. The common man is most certainly NOT behind either of those. They are controlled by the crony capitalist sector, which excludes the small businessman and those succeeding on their own without being “rent seekers” for government power and violence. Maybe if we wanted to use a term like the “globalist sector” versus the “private sector” there might be some truth.

        1. Comte and Dunoyer characterized it as class war, the “productive class” versus the “political class,” the latter including firms that used state crony tactics like monopoly and regulatory capture.

          Marx swiped their libertarian class theory, changed “productive class” versus “political class” to “labor” versus “capital,” threw in some really dumb economic theory, and changed the world.

      2. “The private sector” is behind the Federal government? I don’t take very seriously the “public” vs. “private” distinction. No bright line separates the “private sector” (or “the capitalists”) from “the public sector” (or “the state”). The neat division between these categories is a purely theoretical construct, and I don’t think much of the theory. The Robin Hood state, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, is similarly mythical. Large scale capitalists (individual and corporate) are part and parcel of the state, and a welfare state serves them by pacifying the poor. The means tested welfare state is largely an extension of the rent enforcement and prison systems.

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