Elizabeth Warren Supports Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

Jimmy Dore commentary on Elizabeth Warren talking to Rachel Maddow on the need to get out of Syria:

10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Supports Trump’s Syria Withdrawal”

  1. She didn’t say: “The wars are working great for military contractors, just not for regular people in the U.S. or Syria or anywhere else.”

    1. Wars? A more accurate depiction of what the USA does to “unfriendly” nations would be MOLESTATION or RAPE!

  2. Would she be able to stand up to the generals though? To the Joint Chiefs? To the CIA? To the Pentagon?

        1. There’s another open question as to who you would actually be standing up to when the veil was lifted.

          I’m betting the “can” might be a given, but the “will” might involve some serious(perhaps ultimate) personal sacrifice.

          1. In that case, I guess we need heroes who are willing to go all-in on trying it even if it means martyrdom. Another JFK/RFK/MLK progression might be for revolution what 9/11 was for the national security state.

  3. Surprised and appreciative that ANY mainstream Dem would violate the “Blame Trump for everything and oppose everything he says” program. Maybe Warren is better than I thought, although she does says she’s still all-in for Israel.

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