Rand Paul Smacks Down Jake Tapper On Syria

Jimmy Dore narrates Rand Paul’s great smackdown of Jake Tapper on Syria and broader US interventionism:

8 thoughts on “Rand Paul Smacks Down Jake Tapper On Syria”

  1. He begins by saying that the libertarian wing of the right and the Progressive wing of the left should/could come together on the issue of war. The problem with that idea is that libertarians are anti-war/non-interventionist REGARDLESS of which major party is in power waging the war, while the Progressive left is ONLY against wars when a republican is in power or waging them, but hides deep in the shadows while a democrat president is in charge. Libertarians support the philosophy on PRINCIPLED grounds, not opportunistic grounds.

    1. It depends how you define the progressive wing of the left. People like Jimmy Dore, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate consider themselves on the progressive left, and they also oppose the wars the Democrats fight. They don’t consider the liberals who tolerate Democrat wars to be on the progressive left.

      1. Exceptions that prove the rule.
        “War is the health of the State”, which is the sole guiding principle for the human debris falsely named “progressive”. These people have been pro-war for over a CENTURY.

  2. The reason the left and right can’t come together on these kinds of issues is that the left considers the dissident right “racists, sexists, homophobes” etc.

    The the dissident right is willing to work with the dissident left but they won’t return the favor.

    1. Would that be the same dissident right that considers the left to be “godless heathen perverts,” etc.? That dissident right there?

      Is the dissident right willing to work with the dissident left on anti-war causes in general, or is the war on immigrants to be excluded?

  3. The “mainstream media” is owned by a small cadre who are also major stockholders in the “military industrial complex.” Of course the mainstream media is pro war.

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