Ron Paul on the Obama/New York Times Plot To Overthrow Trump

Another “blockbuster” report on Trump’s “ties” to Russia has fizzled into nothingness, as the New York Times’ piece over the weekend on an FBI counterintelligence investigation opened against the president was riddled with holes and absurdities. What came through loud and clear, however, was that Obama appointees and loyalists in the FBI and elsewhere in the deep state were determined to do everything in their power to overthrow a legally elected US president. Our take in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

28 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Obama/New York Times Plot To Overthrow Trump”

  1. There is significant evidence that the Deep state is preventing Trump from implementing his agenda. Both parties are beholden to the deep state , the FBI is basically a modern day Stasi political police. They are trying everything in their power to keep wars going in order to serve Israel, and not the will of the American people. Trump is proof of it.

    Where is the anti war left? Their shills in the media and the neocons constantly obstruct Trump and demand war for Israel.

    1. Right, trump personally signed the order to put 3000 marines in Syria in 2017. He promised in the campaign to carpet bomb ISIS cities, and he did exactly that. The only “deep state” I see, is the sleepwalking of his apologists, including Dr Paul here. Antiwar left ? Right here, calling bullshit on “antiwar trump” .

      1. I have to agree with Dave on this one. Sometimes, kinda, maybe, someday, wouldn’t -it-be-nice, if only doesn’t make if for me on the anti intervention theme.

        On the other hand, Glen Greenwald’s article of neo-cons allied with the Democrats is informative. Independent.and GOP voters now anti-war and Democrats now pro war.

        1. As if there are no pro war republicans ? LOL !

          The neocon migration is just more evidence that the fake left/right divide has nothing to do with how power actually works. Partisanship is a tactic for them, not any sort of principal or set of values.

          You cannot forget the FACT that the neocons and corporate fascists use this tactic to divide the citizenry and that cheap Fox News/msnBS propaganda outlets use these same propaganda techniques to stir up division and distract people from the white collar crime wave that drives these wars.

          Don’t pick up the rope if you want to stop the wars.

      2. Trump did not just say we are leaving Syria? Has not said it is better to get along with Russia than going to war with them? That the Iraq war was wrong? What other establishment pol has made such statements? the fact he has not been able to do these things and the actions of the MSM and other pols and members of his ‘team” just serve to prove the existence of a Deep State dedicated to continuing the wars for Israel policy. No deep state? Wake up.

        1. If I say I am going to give you $10, it’s not the same as actually giving you $10. Any troops out of Syria yet ? well, besides the dead and wounded?….If “getting along with Russia” means trump wanting to build a hotel there, then yes. In terms of actual foreign policy which lowers tensions between the US and Russia…he has done nothing but enflame tensions. And, everybody in the world wants the US and Russia to get along. The Iraq war authorization barely passed Congress….lots of people thought it was wrong. So what ? Since he said in his campaign the runup to war was based on lies, where is his push for an investigation into those lies ? Instead of investigating why he lost the popular vote by 3ooo000 votes ? You wake up, trump promised to win wars, and carpet bomb ISIS cities. He ordered 3000 marines into Syria to accomplish the rubbling of Syria, kept that promise. Did the “deep state” forge his signature on the order ? Hipnotize him with boobies? How, exactly, do they make him sign an order he doesn’t want to sign ? And, below, no, trump doesn’t want to dismantle NATO, he wants the Euros to increase defense spending, I guess to “get along with Russia”…..

          1. If I say I am going to give you $10 and then people all around me prevent me from doing so, is it my fault that you did not get the $10?

            “..everybody in the world wants the US and Russia to get along.” The Israell loyalists who control our elections and governance via $$ and organization sure as Hell don’t. How could you say such a naive thing?

            “The Iraq war authorization barely passed Congress. The AUMF — the blank check given Bush to go to war in 2001 — passed the Senate with 98 ayes and o nos with 2 not presents. In the House it was 410 ayes, 1 no, and 10 not present. One no vote out of 509 votes cast is not barely passing.

            You really have no idea as to how the Deep State can ignore and override what a president wants? Really?

          2. You are thinking of the “war on terror” authorization, not Iraq war 2…which is what we are talking about. In 2016 Obama “said” he wanted to end the war on terror authorization, but he didn’t do it. Don’t recall any Obama fans exalting over what he said, and didn’t do. As CiC, trump can put any general in prison for not following orders concerning troop deployments in a war zone, it really is that simple. Wiki “responsibility”, then “Commander in Chief, USA”.

          3. The AUMF was the authorization for every war since Iraq II began in 2003. You state “The Iraq war authorization barely passed Congress….lots of people thought it was wrong.” Can you cite the vote that supports this statement? Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize.

          4. The War on Terror AUMF was passed Oct 2001…..Iraq War 2 AUMF was passed Oct 2002….different animals completely. More wiki for ya.

          5. The one that passed the House 297 to 133? The Senate 77 to 23? That’s the one that “barely passed Congress”? Wow

          6. Got it mixed up with Iraq war 1. At least I knew the resolution existed. Your claim….”the Iraq war was wrong. What other establishment pol has made such statements” is blown out of the water tho.

          7. No. Your lie that “The Iraq war authorization barely passed Congress” when I showed you the vote was 297 for and 133 against in the House and 77 to 23 for war in the Senate. R U really so fragile you won’t admit you were wrong?

          8. Yes, I was wrong, wrong in assuming that you aren’t ignorant about the 1991 AUMF against Iraq. The vote that was close, which I mixed up with the 2nd Iraq AUMF, and admitted to, again. Does “Firster” mean you are even more “first” than is typically expected? How come you are not “Firstest” ?

          9. So, I am right, you are ignorant of the Iraq war 1 AUMF in 1991. So, glad to have an even firster than first here, when you guys say “America” does that include Canada, Mexico and Cuba ?

        2. Obama said the Iraq war wrong BEFORE the invasion. Trump only said so (much) afterwards. Further, Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the Iran agreement and attempts to sanction the entire world in an effort to destroy it only makes sense if he is seeking a justification to attack Iran. Trump has appointed the most extreme warmonger since John Foster Dulles as his National Security Advisor and fired his conservative Republican Secretary of State because he wasn’t belligerent enough. Those who imagine Trump as some hero of non-intervention simply are not paying attention. He’s based his entire persona on machismo and belligerence and there is little reason to believe he will behave differently in foreign affairs.

          1. U.S. military forces were at war for all eight years of Obama’s tenure, the first two-term president with that distinction. He launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

    2. There’s no bigger servant to Israel than the Trump administration. It’s so predictable now to see these sock puppet accounts pop up and try to resurrect the fake left/right paradigm.

      Don’t conflate top vs bottom with left vs right, that’s just divide and conquer.

  2. Remember when Trump and co where doing roughly the same thing to Obomber ?

    Oh wait, I live in the Unites States of amnesia…. of course not !

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