Rachel Maddow Russian Fear Mongering Goes Off Rails!

From a Jimmy Dore comedy show, an amazing segment on Rachel Maddow’s unbridled warmongering over Russia and her committed support for the Deep State:

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  1. I’ve liked and supported Rachel Maddow for a long time; however, I agree that she is wrong about Russia…she is doing MSNBC’s bidding I think…just like most of the people working there are. During the Cold War, for 50 years, we still had relations with Russia.

    1. During the Bush years, I enjoyed Maddow. On foreign policy, she was saying the same things “right-wing” non-interventionists are saying now.

      Then as soon as Obama was inaugurated, she started supporting his centrist interventionism.

      And now that Trump is, to some degree, channeling Rachel Maddow circa 2007, she’s railing against her old self.

      1. So then are you suggesting that Ms. Maddow is an ‘opportunist’ who plays the game so she can keep her high-paying job?

        1. I have no idea whether she’s just an opportunist or whether she’s genuinely able to conquer the cognitive dissonance that squaring her previous stated beliefs with her current ones would have to involve. Neither would surprise me.

          1. That Rachel has take on the latest NY Times/WAPO ‘expert’ anti Russia editorial OPINIONs as the gospel truth is disappointing.

    2. think in her case it’s politically (and some personally) related debt investor recipients who thought Hillary was going to be able to successfully steal the 2016 elections and use that extra $17 trillion debt funding Obama’d prepared/attempted to pass to Hillary to pay their continuing debt investment commitments for them.

      Rachel’s probably really scared (of “Russia”) right now; but not for the reasons Dems say. For their own financial reasons.

      1. I think that Rachel like so many of the Chattering class has fallen victim to the anti-Russia propagandizing being bandied about by armchair foreign affairs ‘analysts’.

        1. she’s more personally involved via a relative of hers – now in private practice negotiating world investments/ownership of US public infrastructures (including water) – had worked at EastBay Water …tight with Brown when he was mayor of Oakland.

          1. How is Rachel personally involved with her relative involved in negotiating world investments…? Can you share with me what your source is for this information? Thanks.

          2. her dad. his prior position, his moving up the ranks… Jerry Brown. debt deals. You can google it – it’s pretty complicated.

  2. Rachel Maddow”s Craziest Russia Video Ever! Rachel’s literally going insane. She thinks Russia will cut our power while it’s cold so we’ll all freeze. Talk about Russia on the Brain.This is really funny.

    1. More likely that the CIA would cut our power and blame it on Russia, or Iran, or the Taliban.

      1. Yes, the CIA has a reputation for doing dirty deeds and placing blame on ‘adversaries’. After all the CIA has been involved in more than 60 cooked-up regime change skullduggery since WW 2.

  3. She’s not an idiot. She has no moral compass due to the fact she’s a careerist first and foremost, but she’s not an idiot.

  4. I caught 10 minutes of Brian Williams’s late-night “news” show recently. Williams was ranting that Trump is (supposedly) preventing members of our “81 billion-dollar intelligence community” from sharing vital info with him. Paraphrasing this segment: “How dare our president ignore the wise and heroic public servants who are feeding our network our propaganda points!”

    I’m not sure who the best-known advocate of fighting the war in Vietnam was in, say, 1967. However, I am sure that if this network existed then it would have been the biggest cheerleader of this person.

  5. What we have here is NOT “failure to communicate.” What we have here is the ABILITY to (eagerly and passionately) communicate the meme distributed to a willing pack of stenographers (the profession formerly known as journalists).

    When the Establishment or Deep State or “Powers that Be” co-opted the “gate keepers” in corporate media, it was game, set and match for the bad guys.

    This is of course yet another example of Group Think run amuck.

    My question: How can seemingly EVERY employee in the group of “mainstream” journalists and opinion-leaders think the exact same things? Diversity of views – going against the meme – is apparently not allowed in this profession, at least if one wants to have a high-profile job,

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