Antiwar Republican Congressman Walter Jones Dies After Long Illness

Rep. Walter Jones, one of the most consistently antiwar members of Congress, has died at age 75 after an extended illness.

The Republican lawmaker had battled a series of ailments in recent years and was granted a leave of absence from Congress late last year after missing a number of House votes.

Jones was originally a strong supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In fact, Jones became well known for leading the effort to have french fries renamed “freedom fries” in House cafeteria menus as a protest against French opposition to the invasion.

By 2005, Jones had reversed his position on the Iraq War. Jones called on President George W. Bush to apologize for misinforming Congress to win authorization for the war. Jones said, “If I had known then what I know today, I wouldn’t have voted for that resolution.”

Jones went on to become one of the most antiwar members of Congress, fighting for ending US involvement in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Yemen.

Jones also became a regular donor to and contributed to the blog. Jones often made surprise phone calls to me and to news editor Jason Ditz to praise our work and to thank us for helping him to “see the light” on issues of national security.

We at mourn his passing and extend our condolences to his family and friends.

18 thoughts on “Antiwar Republican Congressman Walter Jones Dies After Long Illness”

  1. Agreed. Not many congresspeople have the guts to look at something they supported, admit they made a mistake, and work to fix that mistake. At most, some of them will change positions and hope nobody remembers.

    1. “and hope nobody remembers.”

      The sad thing is, much of the time, very few people do remember.

  2. Curious, I never knew what the “NC” stood for. If Walter Jones was your congressman, I guess it means “North Carolina.” That is one of the states I was thinking of moving to, once I get the money to move from Montana. Whereabouts are you, in NC, coast or mountains, or somewhere in between?

    1. I was thinking of moving to the Asheville area, as I am a computer programmer, and thought it would be possible to find a job in the high tech area around there. I understand the summer weather is a little bit less humid there than at the coast, and thought it would be more comfortable. I am originally from California, and am not used to humid summers.

      1. I’ve spent time at Camp Lejeune on the coast, and don’t recall it being that humid. Maybe a little further inland where you don’t get lots of air flow from the sea breeze? Now SOUTH Carolina, geez. Feels like it’s jungle and salt marsh almost right up to the beach.

  3. What sad news.
    This man moved beyond the ideas with which he was inculcated, looked at the world as it is and changed his mind. That is a rarity in adult life inside the Beltway.
    A great loss.
    He chose well by aligning himself with
    Nice bio, Eric.
    I must admit to a tear or two on reading this.

  4. Walter Jones was one of the very few members of Congress I respected. He realized his mistake in supporting the Iraq invasion and reversed his position. He did so very early when the propaganda for the war was still dominating the political landscape unlike others that did so after it became politically convenient. Isn’t that what leadership supposed to be? The willingness to do the right thing simply because it is the moral thing to do. So very rare.

    In death, Walter Jones will not receive the accolades that John McCain has. And sadly, THAT says a lot about us as a people.

  5. I’m too am going to miss him. I hate to see what we get next. Mr Jones was an honorable man!

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