US Orthodox Jews Express Support for Rep. Ilhan Omar

5 thoughts on “US Orthodox Jews Express Support for Rep. Ilhan Omar”

  1. Thanks for publishing this, although sadly this group – Jews United vs Zionism – will be smeared viciously for this courageous act of speaking out against anglo-zionist imperialism. Personally I’m 100% sympathetic to Zionism but like all human endeavors it’s subject to tragic flaws. Simha Flapan – a leading opponent to Ben-Gurion’s pursuit of Israeli nuclear weapons – once said: “Unless the liberal and progressive values of Zionism are restored and Palestinian rights to self-determination within a framework of peaceful coexistence are recognised, Israel’s search for peace is doomed to failure.”

  2. Orthodox Jews keep it real. Zionists have lost touch with the true message of the Torah, which is inflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

    1. Seems like ‘they’ will like Orthodox Jews until ‘they’ hate them—-seems like a Liberal way of thinking

  3. What ?!?! Yet another organized religion has been hijacked by greedy assholes in order to obtain blind faith idiots to support their crimes ?!?!

    Oldest trick in the book. Just look at our “Christian nation” right here and right now………..

  4. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to negotiate with the PLO and Hamas whose unnegotiable position is the destruction of the Jewish state.

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