Mueller Report Decimates ‘Russiagate’ Hoax – What’s Next?

The two-plus year great hoax has come to an end. Trump is not Putin’s puppet, as the vast majority of the mainstream media and Democrats have claimed. There was no “collusion” with Russia. So after so much wasted time and money, where do US/Russia relations stand and where should they be heading? What does it mean for the Venezuela regime change operation? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

18 thoughts on “Mueller Report Decimates ‘Russiagate’ Hoax – What’s Next?”

  1. No hoax..Mueller had evidence both ways…couldn’t make a recommendation…his failure…so Trump’s political appointee to write a 3 page press release that supposedly clears Trump but doesn’t exonerate him on obstruction. In past special prosecutors they let Congress to decide while Barr isn’t. Let’s see the full report and call Barr and Mueller before Congress to answer questions …. We need answers…and so far we have a cover-up

    1. “had evidence both ways” Keep deluding yourself, leftist. You were so eager to be brainwashed by the media as they repeated the lie invented by Hilly and John Podesta.

      Why don’t you say anything about Hilly giving away 20% of America’s uranium to a Russian govt-connected corporation, in return for 145 million given to the Clinton “Foundation”? Why don’t you say anything about HALF of all foreign nations sending diplomats to meet State Sec Hilly first paid money to the Clinton Coundation? The Clintons treated the job as a pot of gold. That’s why she needed an illegal private server to do business through.

      She then escaped justice because of her ally in the FBI, promoted by the Clintons and Obama, giving everyone around her amnesty from their collusion to Hillary’s crimes, completely against usual FBI practice.

      Why don’t you say anything about that, “Vietvet”? Probably as much of a “vet” as the Indian activist who lied for years about being a Vietnam vet and being attacked by Whites when he came back from Vietnam – only he had never been there. But that didn’t stop the media from eagerly repeating his lie without confirmation, after he had harassed a White kid, which you and the other leftists all fell for when the media only showed the Indian standing there getting in the kid’s face, and told you the kid was preventing him from moving past. While ignoring the “Black Hebrews” nearby spewing abuse at the White kids. You socialists will believe anything.

      1. Sorry to burst your bubble I was in Nam in 68….Field Artillery. Your’remaking judgement on people to make you feel better without knowing the facts.. You just cant stand a lefty being a Veteran. .I’ll match my service with you any day. My service has nothing to do with this discussion As for hillary…you boneheads cant let that go. Your GOP freaks spent tens of millions investigating h er and didnt get an inch…as for Mueller even your precious pro trump scum bag Barr said Trump WASN’T EXONERATED over obstruction…if you savior trump was so damn innocent why did he spend the last 2 years attacking Mueller…he is a Russian lover who is compromised…he has a damn love fest with dictators and wishes he was one of them. You fascists have bought Trumps lies (9100 so far)…he has conned you. Like he said…he could kill someone on 5th avenue and you bone heads would support him. He even lied when he said his bed buddy Barr exonerated him…BS…another Trump lie. 2020 and he going to have is behind handed to him on a trump gold plate.

    2. “Let’s see the full report” Little boy repeating the media’s talking points, so cute! And of course, “and so far we have a cover-up” LOL You little leftists have been treating Deep State Mueller as a SAINT for two years! Buying t-shirts and Christmas candles with his face! And now you claim he’s done a COVER-UP because the obvious lies you believed in can’t be proven! Hilarious!

      The only collusion is the Clintons taking money from China’s Red Army to get serial rapist Bill re-elected in the 1990s, in return for giving them American rocket science – even sending military engineers to help them when their rocket launch failed. And the Clintons selling access to the White House to every tyrant in the Middle East. But you love those crimes as they were committed by your fellow socialists.

      1. Both campaigns “colluded” with “Kremlin-connected Russians,” and both campaigns eventually admitted it — the Clinton campaign with “Kremlin-connected Russian sources” via Fusion GPS/Christopher Steele, the Trump campaign in direct meetings with a “Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer.”

        Mueller’s bind was this: He was supposed to get the establishment what it wanted (Trump’s head on a platter) without getting the establishment what it didn’t want (Hillary’s head next to Trump’s).

        The only way to do the former without doing the latter was to establish Trump “collusion” on a far larger or deeper scale than the Clinton “collusion.” Which I’m guessing he would have done if he could have done.

    3. Try as you will, you cannot cover up the fact that even Mueller said no evidence for collusion by Trump or those around him. No indictments of anyone. That was the main aim of the witch hunt or hoax whatever you want to call it.
      And if there was no crime, what was there to coverup or obstruct? Mueller’s investigation was allowed to proceed unhindered for two years.
      And it was not simply a summary by Barr; Rob Rosenstein also signed off on it, the very man who started this investigation. What more could you want.
      I am not a MAGA man myself.
      But finally I can say it,

      MAGA (Mueller Ain’t Got Anything).

      1. Trumps bed buddy Barr said Traitor trump wasn’t exonerated over Obstruction. Lets see the whole Mueller report bone head…keep in mind Mueller farmed out a lot of trumps crimes to the SDNY and other prosecutors. Mueller didnt recommend because the evidence of obstruction could go either way…So now it should go to Congress as it did with the Watergate report and let the American people know the full report not Barr Trump suck up 4 page BS. Trump attack Mueller for two years … if he was so damn innocent why did he act like a “dick”…cause he is one. Release the report and lets see where the other investigations into Trumps crimes lead…it aint over tell the fat lady sings..

      2. Excellent: MAGA = Mueller Ain’t Got Anything. This will be repeated far and wide, I bet.

  2. What exactly was the crime that the cover-up covered up. Was it Trump arranging to have a straw buyer buy Stormey”s lovely little tale. No, oops.. Trump bought her tail. Where is the law broken If there’s no crime, just an embarrassing episode. What is the crime…?????

    1. The media and deep state have the Collusion Delusion pulled from their dirty little paws.
      Now they have the Stand-alone Obstruction mirage with no crime.

      But hey, they don’t need no stinking crime! Or no stinking logic!

  3. Tulsi Gabbard is the only 2020 Dem candidate who never joined the Russia-gate hoax. In fact, Tulsi warned that if Mueller found collusion it could have “led to civil war.” Here is Tulsi’s position on Mueller’s findings:

    A year ago Gabbard proposed HR 5147 the Secure America’s Elections Act to require the use of paper ballots or paper ballot backups in federal elections and to authorize the use of federal emergency funds to enable the states to implement a paper voting system before the 2020 elections. The use of electronic voting without paper back-ups is a disaster waiting to happen in a world where foreign governments or teenage hackers can compromise Pentagon firewalls.

    The central theme of Gabbard’s campaign is ending the Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump regime change wars. If she is elected she won’t appoint Bolton, Pompeo, or their neo-Con ilk to national security positions. If Gabbard qualifies for the televised debates she would stand out from all the other candidates on regime-change wars and foreign policy. This could change the national discussion on foreign policy. Tulsi needs 65,000 contributions to qualify for the televised debates. A contribution or $5 or even $1 counts as much as $2,800 to reach that goal.

    Here is the link to make a contribution to Gabbard’s campaign:

    1. I refuse to vote for a lefty, but if I had to, it would be Tulsi Gabbard. If only she would become a libertarian. She seems smart enough, but maybe still too ignorant. Ignorance is curable.

  4. Since Trump’s associates got prison time for OTHER indictable offenses, what are the odds there are other crimes Trump was involved in that are indictable but not directly related to the shaky Russia narrative?

  5. Publish the whole 700 pages and read it before making such pronouncements. Oh, wait, that’s Leftist Propaganda. But if the shoe were on the other foot, the Rightwing Propagandists would be crying the same tune. Just because Trump was not carried away in chains does not make him mr goody two shoes. The real crime is the choice given the American people: Hilary or The Donald, both inept failures and full of crooked shenanigans going back decades. Even the Trump supporters will recognize his supreme stupidity some day. A dumbass narcissist who can’t read anything more complex than a cheap comic book will never do well for the US. Can you imagine this thoughtless ignorant idiot holds the authority and codes for a nuclear first strike?

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