NATO at 70 – Time for the Zombie To Die

If NATO were a person, it would be five years past retirement age. In fact NATO should have retired back in the early 1990s when its reason for existence – the Warsaw Pact – ceased to exist. Instead, new missions had to be created and new enemies had to be made to justify the massive behemoth that provides lush jobs for the well-connected and vast fortunes for the weapons makers. NATO must die and the sooner the better. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “NATO at 70 – Time for the Zombie To Die”

  1. Here in Canada we had no one like your senator Taft, son of your Pres. before Wilson launched you as World Saviour (we use the “u”) Both vacationed in Quebec. Sen. Taft affirmed (1949)that West Europe could and should defend itself.
    Canada has always been the NA in NATO, the Pearson (Nobel Peace) inspired Good Guys and We Need That.

  2. Someone tell me again what nation is plotting that beach landing in Pensacola and is so fixated on taking away all my “freedoms?”

    Is it Iraq? Syria? Iran? North Korea? No, it’s Russia of course.

    Could it be our own government that is the real threat to our freedoms and civil liberties?

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