VIDEO: European Parliament Debates Assange Extradition

The European Parliament Tuesday held a fiery debate on Julian Assange’s fate. Some MEPs argued the matter had no place in their body, others said human rights & press freedom were fundamental European issues.

Watch the 27-minute debate on Assange here, captured from the plenary session by Cathy Vogan for Consortium News.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: European Parliament Debates Assange Extradition”

  1. Apparently the warrant for extradition of Assange is coming from the Eastern district of Virginia which is called the’ Espionage Court’, and Leonie Brinkema handles all the whistleblower cases assuring a swift and guaranteed outcome. She handled Ed Snowden, John Kiriakou and Jeffrey Stirling (so James Risen knows her all too well), She also handles espionage cases.

    I guess that makes her the kangaroo judge.

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