Live-Blogging the Mueller Report editorial director Scott Horton is reading, analyzing, and blogging his findings on the Mueller Report.

Check it out over at the Libertarian Institute site.

6 thoughts on “Live-Blogging the Mueller Report”

  1. Amusing, all these guys , Larsen, Porter, Raimondo and Greenwald all took time to write columns denouncing Mueller, Comey and the FBI as deep state militancy agents not to be trusted. Now, they pore over the redacted report from those same people to find traces to affirm their narrative. What next, praises for a job well done for the FBI ? Here is where you fail guys, trump already had a mobbed up file with the FBI when he waddled down the escalator. When the crazed Gop base started to actually support this clown, it was the FBI’S responsibility to take these files to the president, then, it was his responsibility to approve further investigation. See, that is the actual function for the FBI, not spying on John Lennon.

    1. It’s kind of an interesting comes-around/goes-around.

      In 2016, James Comey announced that anyone but Hillary Clinton would have been under the jail if they had handled classified information with gross negligence the way she did, but that she couldn’t be prosecuted because she’s Hillary Clinton.

      In 2019, Robert Mueller announced that anyone who wasn’t POTUS would be under the jail if they obstructed an investigation the way Trump did, but that he couldn’t be prosecuted because he’s POTUS.

      1. Mueller did not maintain that Trump effectively obstructed the investigation. He only said that Trump expressed impulses to obstruct the investigation (which he quite rightly deemd unfair) but did not insist to act on his impulses (which he could have done, of course). So where’s the problem?

          1. Well, there is a problem, tho the main media push of “trump colludes with the Russian state” is not it. Pinning clandestine crimes on the state is barely possible in the US, to believe that the Russian state would leave an evidence trail, for US investigators to find is ludicrous. Yet, it will distract on, the reality show “wait til next week, for the unredacted congressional hearing” continues. The problem, is state intervention in foreign elections remains. The trump administration could have easily addressed this problem, and watered down the Mueller investigation by pushing for an election meddling treaty. Yet, that didn’t happen, for some obvious reason.

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