Iran Downs US Spy Drone: Who’s The Aggressor?

The downing of a US spy drone near (or within) Iranian airspace has – conveniently for neocons – raised tension and further boxed in President Trump. Pressure on Trump for a military response to Iranian “aggression” will increase. Will he take the bait this time? Or will more such provocations be needed? on today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

17 thoughts on “Iran Downs US Spy Drone: Who’s The Aggressor?”

  1. My prediction: War with Iran within 30 days. I don’t see how it can be stopped now. Trump is so weak, even if he had any pro-peace sympathies (which is questionable at this point), he will simply roll over and allow Bolton and Pompeo to call the shots. I only hope I am wrong, as that would probably be the end of my life as I know it. I have worked hard for over a year trying to secure the funds to buy my medication, and the damage done to the economy by a large scale hot war would probably make that no longer possible, as I probably wouldn’t even have a job then. I will do my best to forgive the people who cause this to happen, but it will be quite difficult.

      1. “It would be too stupid.”

        Exactly my point. Our rulers are stupid, or at least quite myopic.

  2. U.S. pushing for war, all for it —–send in your Son’s and Daughter’s FIRST!!

    Prez. Trump better clean house of the Ghouls in his cabinet or he himself will be destroyed. Grow a set Trump, prove you are no coward!

    1. I doubt Trump has much chance in 2020, just because the demographics have changed. Either in 2020 or 2024, it’ll become clear that the Presidency is for Democrats only.

      So, I hope whatever he wants to accomplish, he does accomplish. War on Iran, tax cuts: Not really what he ran on.

      What voters wanted: Higher market wages, money spent on US infrastructure rather than overseas. I’m not sure Trump remembers fully what he ran on, but regardless.

      1. “What voters wanted: Higher market wages”

        Voters who wanted that wouldn’t have supported Trump, who ran on thwarting the market to artificially raise wages.

        1. Thwarting “the market”. As if we have a free market to begin with…

          Your god, the Market god, is a false one. A state should aim for harmony, not the worship of the Market god.

          1. Well, make up your mind — were Trump’s voters voting for what he promised, or were they voting for “higher market wages?” It’s one or the other, or neither, but it’s not both.

            Nice try at changing “market” to “free market.”

            I don’t worship markets, but every last comma of history establishes beyond reasonable doubt that they’re far better at producing “harmony” than any state ever has been.

          2. There was a book by the pre-Fleming editor of Chronicles that mentioned population density being difficult for a free society, that freedom leads to development, which leads to greater control. I dunno its title nor where my copy is at the moment.

            I’ve generally believed this true, which is why we see cities trend towards socialism. Urban populations understand their need to be dominated. Jefferson and Aristotle both condemned such big urban populations (Pretty sure on Jefferson, certain on Aristotle).

            We’re in a seemingly inevitable march towards slavery in the US for this reason and for other reasons. The only certainty in America’s future seems to be the extinction of libertarian and anarchist ideas.

  3. Look at the T-shirt I am wearing regularly and tell me with a straight face that this drone would ever mean harm to anyone.

  4. Maybe somebody reminded Trump that bombing Iran without (angry) congress OK would cause of impeachment.

    1. I believe that bombing Iran without congress approval would be a legitimate reason for impeachment . This means congress should have impeached many of our past presidents . But just because congress failed to do their job in the past doesn’t mean they should now impeach a innocent president that has been doing a very good job .

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