Ron Paul on Iran/US Escalation – Blame Pompeo and Bolton?

The US/Iran conflict is coming to a crisis point this weekend, with a vote in the Senate on war powers, Iran set to breach its agreed to stockpile limits on enriched nuclear material, and strong words of warning from the Russian government. Will this weekend’s Trump/Putin meeting in Japan de-escalate tensions? Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

23 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Iran/US Escalation – Blame Pompeo and Bolton?”

  1. Love Ron Paul, but what people in the west fail to realize that they are dealing with a religious dictatorship ruling Iran with an iron first for 40 years.
    Iranians are fed up with these brutal mullahs killing thousands of political prisoners, and being involved in embezzlement, corruption and spreading of terror worldwide.
    The Iranian regime needs to be dismantled for a better world security.

    1. “a religious dictatorship ruling Iran”

      Compared to Saudi Arabia, Iran is a democratic, constitutional republic, yet we are “allies” with Saudi Arabia. Did you know a Jew serves in the Iranian parliament? And that this Jewish legislator vehemently opposes American intervention in his country’s affairs? Jews and Christians in Saudi Arabia get their heads chopped off. We shouldn’t be taking sides with anyone, as no State in the world, including our own, has clean hands in regard to human rights.

      The creation of the Iranian religious state in 1979 was blowback for our instigation of the coup in 1953 which saw a democratically elected leader overthrown to install the Shah, a truly brutal dictator who ruthlessly tortured and killed his political opponents and many dissidents.

      We need to learn from history. Let other nations solve their own problems internally.

      1. That’s a great analogy..
        then you should go down the path pf saying Mussolini compared to Hitler wasn’t bad…

        In terms of the 1953 coup, it’s true, BUT our people need freedom, food and security, today

        Believe me, we the Iranian have learned from 40 years of history and we do NOT want these parasites controlling our destiny.

        1. I don’t know if you are for real, or a troll paid by the US Government, but I had an Iranian dentist when I lived in California. What he told me was that, while his country of origin had problems, and that he wished for change at the top levels, he felt that American intervention did more harm than good, and that he opposed it. I would venture to say that there are many different views on this of people in Iran, and that your opinion is not universal or even widespread.

          1. You lost me when you used a “dentist” as a reference… good luck with your analysis.. yes, I am a paid troll…

            It’s funny how as a non-Iranian, you try to tell us what’s good for us…

          2. The “dentist” worked on my teeth, and while doing so, we talked. He was an immigrant from Iran, and he was very clear that he and his family were completely opposed to US interference with his country of origin.

          3. Welcome to disqus “cyrus” (18 posts) …let’s see, where was the link to the Israeli troll army…..

        2. If the US wanted the mullahs gone, they could accomplish that in six months by lifting all sanctions and declaring peace and free trade with Iran.

          You’re right, the Iranian people need freedom, food, and security — and as long as the US regime can be credibly blamed for denying them those things, the Iranian people will rally around the Iranian regime. If it was the Iranian regime instead of the US regime denying them those things, they’d rise up and stretch some necks.

    2. The revolution of 79 would likely never have occurred without the coup in 53, it’s the meddling in Iran that created this mess for the people to begin with.

      And let’s not pretend that USA cares about the people, they want its oil. They cared very little when they supported Saddam’s very bloody war against Iran during the 80s, and the war drums have been beating quite loud for quite some time in order to make people think that Iran poses an existential threat to the west which is complete hogwash.

      Another war could kill hundreds of thousands and even trigger a new world war, yet there are still those who want to take the chances like Bolton. This is obviously utterly mad.

      Yes, Iran needs to get rid of the theocracy, but it shouldn’t be done by imperialist who truly do not give a damn about the Iranians themselves.

      Just let the Iraq mess be a reminder, simply google this

      “Bolton: We have no interest in Iraq’s well-being.”

      Warnings of “Iraq War Redux” as Bolton and Pompeo Are Reportedly Leading Push to “Foment Unrest” in Iran


      Bolton wanted Iran to kick out Arms Inspectors, he tells AIPAC
      “they [Iran] have not done anything more dramatic, such as withdrawing from the nonproliferation treaty, or throwing out inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which I actually hoped they would do – that that kind of reaction would produce a counter-reaction that actually would be more beneficial to us.”

      Proof U.S. Is Provoking Iran Into WAR

  2. About sanctions impacting people’s lives:
    The Iranian people have been suffering for 40 years already. Suffering is part of most Iranians lives so sanctions have nothing to do with the people.
    The sanctions are against the government leaders and have been working very well.

    1. Sanctions never weaken the rulers of a country, they only damage the lives of the people. How many innocent people are you willing to kill through starvation and disease to accomplish your political goals?

      1. First of all, where is your proof?
        Secondly, Iranian oil revenue dropped significantly in the last months which is great because all the profit goes to the IRGC and Khamenei’s gang. Their bank accounts outside of Iran got frozen w Billion dollars value… why would a humble religious leader need Billions in offshore bank accounts?

        Lastly, what country are you from? You seem to have very strong interest in Iran.

        1. I am an American, and I have no axe to grind. I oppose ALL US intervention in the affairs of ALL countries. I oppose intervention in the affairs of Iran as a specific example of a general rule. I oppose sanctions and war, in particular, because I believe in self restraint with regard to the use of violence, and sanctions and war are initiated violence, and harm and kill innocent people.

          1. nobody is disputing that war is horrible.. WE DID HAVE a recent war experience for 10 years so we know all about it.

            The problem is a corrupt violent regime that performs torture, mass killings and much more and no nation thus far has stepped up to help the Iranian people in the 40 years, except Trump.
            Now, I don’t agree with a lot of what Trump says or his attitude but what he has done thus far without any military attacks, has had a major impact domestically but also for the region.
            Matter of fact I dislike his narcissistic personality but unlike Obama who handed over 100B to the mullahs which went back to sponsor terrorism in the region, Trump hurt them where it matters most… int he pocket.

          2. “WE DID HAVE a recent war experience for 10 years so we know all about it.”

            And who paid for and supported that war against the Iranian people, including the use of chemical weapons? You guessed it, the US through its proxy, Iraq, under Saddam Hussein. And you want more of that?

        2. “why would a humble religious leader need Billions in offshore bank accounts?”

          I do not support Khamenei. Virtually all political leaders are corrupt, in all countries, including the US. You don’t have to support a particular political figure to believe that you should not harm and kill innocent people through sanctions and war, just to overthrow them.

        3. “First of all, where is your proof?”

          The burden of proof is on you, as you are the one proposing violent action. I have seen many countries sanctioned by the US, and it has never resulted in weakening the target regime, it simply makes the people rally around their political regimes more, in opposition to their attackers.

          1. “I have seen many countries sanctioned by the US, and it has never resulted in weakening the target regime”

            Exactly, why is the Cuban government still standing?
            If they had wanted to get rid of the Castros then lift the sanctions and make sure that the general population can rise economically, as this puts more power into their hands and is more likely to end up weakening the government, it also signals that the US government is not the enemy of the people.

            Economic warfare on the other hand gives a reason for people to support the government against the enemy.

            The Iranians know full well that USA is not interested in the well being of its population given the history of harmful actions against the people of Iran.

          2. “that USA is not interested in the well being of its population given the history of harmful actions against the people of Iran.”

            Slight correction – it is the politicians and leadership of the US government which does not care about, and actively seeks to harm, the Iranian people. Many Americans, including myself and yourself, wish the Iranian people well and bear good will toward them. Recent polls show a majority of rank and file of both major political parties oppose war with Iran.

          3. This number varies from time to time, but all it takes is a gulf of Tonkin type of event to sway the population.
            Or an incubator story.

            What likely will prevent the war is Russia and/or China, as both oppose the US empire taking over yet another country.

    2. “The sanctions are against the government leaders and have been working very well.”

      This is utter nonsense, the idea is to provoke Iran into a war to get the oil.

      It isn’t even about nuclear weapons, that’s how you fool the masses.

    3. So since the people have been suffering for 40 years they aren’t affected by the sanctions? Seriously? That’s like saying someone with a common cold wouldn’t feel any worse than if they contacted double pneumonia.

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