Is Biden Worse Than Pompeo on North Korea?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has repeatedly slammed President Trump over his ongoing diplomatic outreach to North Korea, claiming that the move just gives legitimacy to a dictator. He has been joined by several other Democratic candidates in this attack. Why are the Democrats trying to out-neocon even neocons like Pompeo when it comes to diplomacy versus war? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Is Biden Worse Than Pompeo on North Korea?”

  1. Biden is a neocon. He’s also every bit as sexist, racist and homophobic as Trump. If he wins the primary, Trump holds on to the White House. It’ll be Hillary 2, mark my words. Gravel/Tulsi 2020 or bust!

    1. Yes, Biden is a neocon. Yes, he’s every bit as sexist, racist and homophobic as Trump.

      But it’s not obvious that he wouldn’t beat Trump. He only has to be a fraction of a percent less hated than Hillary Clinton, and run an ever so slightly better campaign than she did, in as few as 2-4 states, to win. The first criterion is probably already true, and the second may well be to the extent that DNC voter registration and motivation efforts precede the choice of nominee.

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