More Afghan Civilians Killed by US Than by Taliban! Will Trump Withdraw?

According to a new report, the US and its allies have killed more Afghan civilians in 2019 than the Taliban. Most of these US killings are the result of airstrikes. The Trump Administration is pushing negotiations between the US-backed Afghan government and the Taliban, no doubt recognizing that a US withdrawal has become an election issue. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “More Afghan Civilians Killed by US Than by Taliban! Will Trump Withdraw?”

  1. For those of us that have been convinced as to the reality of God, waging war and killing people in the process is just about the most evil thing that can be done by any government. The first command is to love God with all our being and the second command IS LIKE UNTO IT, to love our neighbor as ourselves. There is a direct parallel between our relationship with our fellow man and our relationship with the Lord God Almighty. When we kill we are totally going against everything the Lord Jesus Christ has taught us in his word. How can those in the White House claim to not be antichrist and yet engage in waging war that is not even legal according to international law let alone Gods law as preached by the Lord himself.?

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